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Alternate names: Sighetu Marmaţiei [Rom], Máramarossziget [Hun], Siget and סיגעט [Yid], Maramureschsigeth [Ger], Sygiet Marmaroski [Pol], Maramaros Sighet, Marmaroš Sihot, Sighet, Sigut, Sihat, Sziget, Syhot Marmaroski, Sighetul-Marmaţiei. Located at 47°56' N, 23°53' E in Maramures County, Maramures region, 133km N. of Cluj,  on the Tisza River (Ukrainian border). Jewish population: 3,380 (1880), 7,981(1910).

  • Yizkor Book: Ha-Ir sheba-lev: Siget ha-Yehudit (Israel, 2003)
  • JOWBR burial list: Cimitirul Evreiesc
  • ShtetLink [February 2011]
  • BOOK: Mentioned in All Rivers Run to the Sea by Elie Wiesel.

  • BOOK: abandoned sites. Gruber, Ruth Ellen. Jewish Heritage Travel: A Guide to East-Central Europe New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1992. *201, 225-226.

CEMETERY: The cemetery in Sighet is located in the city. The town (population 40,000) has grown since the W.W.II.

The site used to be at the northern end of the Jewish section. (The actual border between Romania and the Ukraine is still walking distance from the river.) Access to the cemetery is by appointment only. Visitors must report to the Jewish Community Centre (also in walking distance) and pay 100 Lei (local currency = @$3.00) The guard who actually opens the gate lives cross the street from the main gate. The cemetery has a high concrete wall all around. It has a small building for tahara and a high structure near the side gate for Cohans. There are many ohels throughout the tombstones, by and large in good condition. Gravestones are old, but still stand, with no sign of vandalism. In the center is a monument commemorating Jews who were deported from the town. Beneath the monument is some soap brought from Auschwitz. There is some logic how the people buried in the cemetery. Mostly time sets their place. In other words, they open a new parcel when one fills. Therefore, most people who died in 1910 are buried around the same rows. I have 150-page book of their current cemetery list. It is a photocopy of a hand written book (mostly in Hebrew some in Hungarian or lately Romanian) from all those who had a stone. It does not contain all the buried people only those who had and have a gravestone, over 3000 entries. I do not have it computerized. Source: Andrew Tabak: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . [e-mail address bounced on 2/27/2000]


Photo courtesy Vivian Kahn via Facebook [May 2015]



[UPDATE] Photos by Charles Burns [July 2018]


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