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Towns formerly in Romania or Bessarabia may be found in Moldova, Hungary, or Ukraine
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Sephardic Studies [September 2002]:

Before WWII, 20,000 Jewish families lived in all of Romania. The survivors were "bought" by Israel from the Communists based onto their intellectuality and university degrees. Today's Romanian Jewish popuation of about 9,000 persons in the entire country is very elderly. The political and socio-economical situation in Romania continues to erode Jewish contribution to Romanian culture and commerce. [February 2002]

Sephardic Cemetery: The few remaining Sephardim in Romania were assimilated by Askenazim. Only the Sephardic cemetery in Bucharest remains as proof of their former presence. [February 2002]

The US Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad began to survey Jewish monuments in Romania. Contact: Samuel Gruber, 123 Clarke St., Syracuse, NY 13210. All cemetery descriptions that follow with a "RO-CE" and a number are from the Survey of Historic Jewish Sites and Monuments in Romania sponsored by the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad.

Photo appendix to article by Samuel Gruber [September 2016]



  1. BOOK: Jewish Graveyards in the Custody of the Mosaic Community of Cluj Napoca by Micea Moldovan, sent by Ladislau Gymant. : "At the end of 1987, there were 675 identified graveyards, 459 of which were in Transylvania. Many were closed because there were no more Jews left. In the Transylvanian counties of Bihor, there were 59 cemeteries, Bistrita-Nasaud-52, Cluj-40, Maramures over 80, Satu-Mare-over 100, and Sălaj-28. Rich and Poor were buried side by side, but rabbis were arranged in separate rows. Chevra Kadishas generally were set up when the community began; therefore often are older than the synagogue. The tombstones had definite heights, but their width could differ according to social rank and fortune. One-third of the early stones were made of earth, 2/3 were carved and were lower. Later ones were over six to eight feet tall. The article describes the type and artistic designs of the stones. Detail about the cemeteries in the Cluj-Napoca area are given." [See Cluj-Napoca]. Source: Ladislau Gyemant, str. Tarmta, B1B5 S op.28, 3400 Chj-Nepocie, Moldavia, Transylvania; e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  2. BOOK: Saros Laszlo and Vali Dezso. Tanu ez a kohalom ; (This Cairn is Witness Today). ISBN 963 7476 172. A very interesting book of Jewish Cemetery Photographs published in Hungary in 1993, 149 pages of black and white photos and 8 (English) pages of text with general information. The sections are: Introduction, Cemetery in Ancient Times, Old Tombstones, Cemetery and History, The Tombs of the Ancestors, Tent and Parchment, People and Flower, Rituals of Death, Epitaphs, Signs and Symbols Source: '; and see
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  6. Mircea-Sergiu Moldovan, PhD. (Professor and architect, str. Parîng, nr. 1, bl. A4, ap. 12, 3400 Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Ph.: 40-64-161261) prepared many of the survey forms. Dates are listed by the individual cemeteries. Documentation used to completed the surveys include:
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  13. BOOK: Jewish Cemeteries of Bucovina. Publisher: Noi Media Print (Bucharest). 2009. ISBN: 978-973-1805-50-4. Rom, Ukr, Eng, French, Ger. 111 pages. To order, contact the author/photographer: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [July 2009]
  14. BOOK: "Like Pebbles on a Shore and [February 2011]
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Bukovina: [October 2000]

A photographic essay of abandoned Jewish cemeteries in Europe by Ruth Ellen Gruber .

Minna Rozen, Department of History, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel researches cemeteries in Romania. Contact her for more information.

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1202 WARMBACH: see Hoghiz
1204 YOED, YOID: see IEUD
1206 ZALATHNA: see Zlatna
1207 ZALAU: Salaj county [Zilah, Zillenmarkt, Waltenberg, Zelau,
1208 ZAM: Hunedoara judet
1209 Z?u (ZAU): see Zaud de Campie
1210 ZAU de CAMPIE: Mures county, Transylvania
1211 ZAZ?R: see S?S?r:
1212 ZERIND: Arad County, Transylvania
1213 ZILAH: see ZALAU
1215 ZIMBOR: Salaj judet [Magyarnagyzsombor, Magyarysombor, Zutor, Zimborul-Mare, Zimborul]
1216 ZLATNA: Alba jud, [Strijaret]
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