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International Jewish Cemetery Project - Romania C US Commission Number RO/MM/03

Alternate Hungarian name: Szurdukkapolnok. Located in Maramures County at 4731 2339, 17.4 kilometers SSE from Baia Mare, the cemetery is clearly visible to the right about 75m from the main road about 100 m before the sign for the village of Copalnic. It is reached by crossing private fields.

  • LOCAL religious authorities responsible for site: Comunitatea Evreilor (Baia Mare), Str. Somesului Nr. 5, 4800 Baia Mare, Jud. Maramures, Romania. Tel: (40-62) 211-231.
  • REGIONAL religious authorities or offices responsible for site: Comunitatea Evreilor (Bucuresti), Str. Sf. Vineri 9-11, Bucuresti, Tel: (40-1) 157-441.
  • Caretaker, Ioan Dragomir - address with the Jewish Community in Baia Mare.

The isolated 250-sq. m. cemetery in Copalnic (Szurdukkapolnok), probably the same size as in 1939, is visible from the road from Baia Mare and shows signs of occasional care. Of the five flat, smoothed and Hebrew-inscribed limestone gravestones in the cemetry, only 3 are standing and two fallen stones. The gate is unlocked. At least half of the fence is missing, all from the side furthest from the road. The cemetery is on a steep incline. Other stones probably were stolen. If the remaining stones are not stolen, it is likely that they will fall over in the forseeable future. Access is open to all with a broken fence and gate that does not lock. Vegetation and water drainage are not a problem. The owner is unknown. Adjacent property is agricultural. Local residents visit rarely but clear vegetation. Security and weather erosion are the threats.

John DeMetrick and Christina Crowder, (formerly of Cluj, they have no further information) , completed this survey on 22 April 2000 using a list of cemeteries known by the Jewish Community in Baia Mare. They visited the site on 13 April 2000. No interviews


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