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International Jewish Cemetery Project - Romania C

Alternate name: Klausenburg/Koloszvar/Clausemburgo/Cluj. Located at 46°46' 23°36".



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  2. is county map. [December 2000]
  3. "Capital city of the county of Cluj; situated in the north-eastern part of the Transylvanian Plateau, on the Somesul Mic riversides, at 345-360 m of altitude; one of the main citadels raised by the Saxons in the 13th c.; at present, the main economic centre of Transylvania, with old traditions of culture, research and education; 330.843 inhabitants (1995)" Source: - link no longer available: [December 2000]
  4. [December 2000]

There are 35 cemeteries in the custody of the Cluj-Napoca community. Four are in the capital of the county, 27 in Cluj County. Six are in the Neighboring county of Sălaj and one in Neighboring Mures counties. They are in the care of the Federation of the Jewish Communities.

Cemetery Location Total Stones Fallen Stones Fallen? Guarded?
Cluj-Napoca 154 C.Turzii St 2008 194 Yes Yes
Cluj-Napoca 116 C.Turzii St. 3080 1025 No Yes
Cluj-Napoca 1 Soimului St. 492 37 Yes Yes
Cluj-Napoca 154 C.Turzii St. 466 144 No Yes
Ciucea Cluj county 38 2 No Yes
Poieni Cluj county 29 . No Yes
Huedin I Cluj county 105 25 No Yes
Huedin II Cluj county 175 25 No Yes
Calatele Cluj county 13 5 No Yes
Sancraiu Cluj county 15 7 No Yes
Gilau Cluj county 15 7 No Yes
Camarasu Deal (Sarmas) 126 need repair No Yes
Catina Cluj county 28 5 No Yes
Mociu Cluj county 77 13 No Yes
Frata Cluj county 68 8 No Yes
Borsa Cluj county 16 5 No Yes
Bontida Cluj county 4 No Yes
Alunis Cluj county 8 No Yes
Panticeu Cluj county 108 5 No Yes
Aghiresu Cluj county 55 26 No Yes
Sic Cluj county 15 No Yes
Apahida Cluj county 27 16 No Yes
Suatu Cluj county 26 3 No Yes
Sarmasel Mures county 33 6 No Yes
Hida I Sălaj county 131 63 No Yes
Hida II Sălaj county 15 3 No Yes
Racas, Hida Sălaj county 2 No Yes
Sanpetru Almas village, Hila Sălaj county 5 1 No Yes
Zimbor Sălaj county 53 16 No Yes
Turda Cluj county 513 60 Yes Yes
Ceanu Mare Cluj county 2 (illegible) 1 No Yes
Viisoara Cluj county 68 11 No Yes
Iara Cluj county 49 10 No Yes
Luncani village, Luna 10 3 No Yes
Fildu de Jos Sălaj county 3 No Yes
7,925 total tombstones of which 1,730 have fallen
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