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International Jewish Cemetery Project - Romania C US Commission Reference Number: RO/MM/46

47°54' 23°18', 20.8 miles NW of Baia Mare. Alternate Hungarian name is Felsőkálinfalva

Summary: A concrete post and barbed wire fence protects the cemetery in Calinesti. It has a gate that was locked at the time of our visit. Although the approximately 832 square meter enclosure is rectangular, the cemetery itself is semicircular. There is evidence that the cemetery was once surrouded by a hedgerow or an earthen fence. The burials are confined to the western side of the cemetery while the eastern portion of the site is filled with large trees. Most of the stones are in good, legible condition though many of the sandstone markers show signs of advanced erosion. It is possible that the cemetery served both Calinesti and the neighboring village of Cornesti (Somosfalva in Hungarian). Initial inquiry in the village of Cornesti turned up no Jewish cemetery. When we searched in the village of Calinesti, we were lead to an isolated site amongst a swath of agricultural land stretching between Calinesti and Cornesti. Indeed, the cemetery is located equidistant between the two villages, both of which are visible from a vantage point in the cemetery itself. We were unable to determine if there is a caretaker living locally. A local resident of Calinesti lead us to the site, but was unaware of any caretaker. It is our belief, however, that there must be a caretaker (perhaps not living locally?) because the cemetery was well maintained and the gate locked at the time of our visit.

The cemetery is quite difficult to locate as it is well off the main roads. From the center of the village, take the road toward Ocna Sugatag up the hill past three large curves. After the last curve, a small dirt road will lead off to the right. This road is accessible by car only in the summer months. The cemetery is approximately 1km down this road on the right about 200m from the track. It is not immediately identifiable as a cemetery from this side, as the boundary trees obscure the fence. However, it is the main 'clump' of trees on that side of the road. The best advice is to ask several locals until you can find someone who is willing and able to guide you to the site!

  • Local religious authority: Evreilor (Maramures Sighet), str. Basarabiei 8, Sighetu Marmatei, Jud. Maramureş, Romania. Tel: (40-62) 311-652.
  • National religious authority: Federation of Jewish Communities Romania, Str. Sf. Vineri 9-11, Bucureşti, Tel: (40-1) 613-2538, 143-0010-100. Contact: Mr. Alex Silvan
  • Caretaker: As the gate to the cemetery was locked, we would assume that there is a caretaker. However, the elderly individual we spoke with did not know of one (though he is resident in the village and knew where the cemetery was.) The Jewish community in Sighet could provide further information.

Further inquiries about the site could be addressed to the Jewish community in Sighet or the Federation of Jewish Communities in Bucuresti.
Probably, the Jewish community in Cornesti also used this cemetery. The isolated rural (agricultural) flat land has no sign or marker. Reached by a public road and crossing private property, access is open with permission via a fence and a gate that locks. Present size of cemetery is on-site estimate 26m x 32m. (832 sq.m. 24 gravestones are in situ: 3 standing straight up, 2 toppled, 15 leaning, 4 broken. Vegetation overgrowth and water drainage are not problems. The granite, limestone, and sandstone memorial markers are flat shaped or smoothed and Hebrew inscribed stones. No special monuments or known mass graves. The never visited property is now used for Jewish cemetery only. Properties adjacent are agricultural. Care is clearing of vegetation by local non-Jewish resident, unknown. No structures. No threats.

John DeMetrick and Christina Crowder visited the site and completed the survey on 30 June 2000 using list of cemeteries known by Jewish Community in Baia Mare. Further inquiries about the site could be addressed to the Jewish community in Baia Mare or the Federation of Romanian Jewish Communities in Bucuresti. They interviewed local residents.


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