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International Jewish Cemetery Project - Romania C US Commission Reference Number RO/MM/03
Located in Maramures County at 47°31' 23°45', 20.8 kilometers SE of Baia Mare and approximately 15 km from Tirgu Lapus. At the center of town, where there is a sweeping curve in the road, take the exit for the village of Finate. Heading about a half of a kilometer from the center of town there will be a dirt road on the right hand side that leads towards three cemeteries: the Protestant, the Orthodox, and the Jewish. About 200 meters up this dirt road is a split. Bear right. The Jewish cemetery will be a 300 meters ahead on the left-hand side of the road. Alternate Hungarian name: Csernefalva.

  • LOCAL: Comunitatea Evreilor (Baia Mare), Str. Somesului Nr. 5, 4800 Baia Mare, Jud. Maramures, Romania. Tel: (40-62) 211-231.
  • REGIONAL: Comunitatea Evreilor (Bucuresti), Str. Sf. Vineri 9-11, Bucuresti, Tel: (40-1) 157-441.
  • Unpaid caretaker: Lazar Rafila and her son Lazar Dumitru, Cernesti.

The rural/agricultural hillside, separate but near other cemeteries, has no sign or maker. The cemetery in the town of Cernesti (Csernefalva) is surrounded by a concrete post and chain link fence that, according a list of Cemeteries from the Jewish Community of Baia Mare, was erected in 1990. The cemetery is surrounded by large apple orchards and is situated on a long, gradual slope. The orchard is also used for the grazing of sheep which we were glad to see were prevented from entering the cemetery by the well-constructed fence. Though we did not get a chance to speak with the caretakers it was clear that the cemetery is well taken care of and was recently cleared of spring growth.

Access to the cemetery is open to all because the gate with a lock was unlocked. According to the list from Baia Mare, it was 200 square meters but I would argue for sure that it was as least 250 sq. m. and is probably the same size as pre-1939. Limestone, sandstone, and granite flat, smoothed and Hebrew-inscribed gravestones in cemetery, regardless of condition or position: 18, 15 standing (3 illegible), 1 half stone standing, 1 stone crumbled in situ, and1 half stone, face down. Vegetation and water drainage are not a problem.

Current owner of Jewish cemetery is unknown. Adjacent properties are cemeteries and agricultural. Visits by local residents and private visitors are rare. Theft of stones is the primary problem encountered between 1945 and the present. Care included repair of wall and gate (1990 fence built) and clearing of vegetation (regular caretaker) by Jewish groups within the country and local non-Jewish residents. Uncontrolled access, weather erosion, and vegetation are threats.

John DeMetrick and Christina Crowder, (formerly of Cluj, they have no further information) , completed this survey on 22 April 2000 using a list of cemeteries known by the Jewish Community in Baia Mare. They visited the site on 10 April 2000 and interviewed a local resident.


[UPDATE] Photos by Charles Burns [July 2018]


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