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Alternate names: Brailov and Браилов  [Rus], Brailiv and Браїлів  [Ukr], Bralov [Yid], Brahiłów [Pol], Braiłów. 49°06' N, 28°10' E, 17 miles WSW of Vinnytsya (Vinnitsa)..  1900 Jewish population: 3,721.

Source with photos: "First mentioned in documents Brailiv XV. strengthening on a promontory at the confluence of rivers in Braga Moat. In 1652 Brailiv captures Kamianiec elder P. Potocki, in 1672 the village was occupied by the Turks, and placed a garrison here Halil Pasha. After the return of the occupied lands Rzeczpospolita Brailiv belongs Potocki first race, and then passes into the possession of Carl von Mecca. Since 1793 - in the Russian Empire. 
In 1765 Brailiv lived 638 Jews. In the early twentieth century, the Jewish population of town was 43.4% of the total population. In Brailiv were three synagogues, Talmud Torah, private male and female school. Before the war there were about 2,500 Jews. Brailiv Fascists entered in July 1941. Place, unlike neighboring Zhmerinka where were Romanians, entered the German occupation zone. Immediately began killing Jews. At the new cemetery for 2 years was shot about 4,000 people - except residents Braila, here at the destruction of the Jews were rounded up from nearby towns, and Mezhirova Stanislavchik. Some Jews tried to find salvation in Zhmerinsky ghetto, but the German authorities learned about that. Threatened with destruction of the ghetto Judenrat head Zhmerinsky Dr. Gershman was forced to issue 286 fugitives fascists. They drove back to Braila and shot ... Today (03.2012 g) in the village. Brailiv one Jew lives. On a mass grave care and Jewish communities Vinnitsa Zhmerinka, as well as some relatives of those who remained forever in the small town of Podolsk ... Detail photo

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  • If you have information about this cemetery, please contact the project. [Mar 2014]
  • MASS GRAVE: testimony. Testimony of Jews - YouTube [Mar 2014] "On February 12, 1942, some 800 Jews from the Brailov ghetto and 279 Jews from the town of Mezhirov were killed by Germans, with the assistance of Ukrainian police, in a pit located near the town's Jewish cemetery. In March 1942, the Germans shot 300 additional Jews at the same location. On April 15-18, 1942, the Germans brought another 180 Jewish children and elderly people to the site by wagon, and shot them. At the request of Brailov's commandant Hans Graff, the Romanian authorities forced the head of the Jewish Council in the Zhmerinka ghetto, Adolf Herschman, to hand over Jews from Brailov who had fled there. The Germans brought 286 of the escapees back to Brailov and shot them on August 25, 1942 near the town's Jewish cemetery, together with the last Jews of Brailov (killing, in total, 503 people)." Yad Vashem with photos. [Mar 204]
  • Holocaust Memorial [Apr 2014]


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