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Berinţa, 47°33' N 23°41' E, 244.4 miles NNW of Bucureşti in commune Copalnic-Mănăştur (HungarianKápolnokmonostor) composed of twelve villages: Berinţa (Kővárberence), Cărpiniş (Kővárgyertyános), Copalnic (Szurdukkápolnok), Copalnic-Deal (Kápolnokdomb), Copalnic-Mănăştur, Curtuiuşu Mic (Kiskörtvélyes), Făureşti (Kováskápolnok), Lăschia (Lacház), Preluca Nouă (Újharagos), Preluca Veche (Haragos), Ruşor (Rózsapatak) and Vad (Révkápolnok). .


US Commission Reference Number RO/MM/03

Alternate Hungarian name: KOVARBERENCE. Located in Maramures County at 47°33' 23°41', 15 km SSE of Baia Mare, approximately 21 km from Baia Mare. From Baia Mare, the cemetery is visible on the hillside on the left about 100 m from the crossroad/center of the village, directly above where a dirt road turns off to the left. The cemetery is reached by following this dirt road and parking next to the house at the first turn. Another dirt road leads up the hill about 150 m to the site. The rural, isolated hillside has no sign or marker.

  • LOCAL: Comunitatea Evreilor (Baia Mare), Str. Somesului Nr. 5, 4800 Baia Mare, Jud. Maramures, Romania. Tel: (40-62) 211-231.
  • REGIONAL: Comunitatea Evreilor (Bucuresti), Str. Sf. Vineri 9-11, Bucuresti, Tel: (40-1) 157-441.
  • Caretaker with key: Ioan Ciocas, Berinta nr. 132, Com. Copalnic Manastur, Jud. Maramures, Tel: (40-64) 497-728.

Berinta 1850 total population: 886, no Jews. 1880 total population: 324, Jewish: 32. Mr. Ioan Ciocas currently uses the cemetery of Berinta (Kovarberence) as an orchard. He also cares for the cemetery and regularly clears vegetation from the site. Though the space enclosed by the fence is quite large, only 10 gravestones are present. It is probably that there were more stones at one time, which were removed before the fence was put up in 1990. The only real threat to the site is weather erosion of the stones, although most of them are still legible. Access is open with permission. The 535-sq. m. cemetery, surrounded by a fence and gate that locks, holds ten limestone or sandstone, flat-shaped and smoothed, Hebrew inscribed gravestones, 1 illegible, 2 leaning. Vegetation and water drainage are not a problem. The cemetery is probably the same size as in 1939. Rarely, local residents visit the site. Fence put up in 1990 by Jewish community. Care: seasonal clearing by local non-Jewish resident, unpaid caretaker.

John DeMetrick and Christina Crowder, (formerly of Cluj, they have no further information) , completed this survey on 22 April 2000 using a list of cemeteries known by the Jewish Community in Baia Mare. They visited the site on 12 April 2000 and interviewed Ioan Ciocas, Berinta nr. 132, Com. Copalnic Manastur, jud. Maramures, Tel: (40-64) 497-728.

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