LAMBSHEIM: 67245 Rhineland-Palatinate (Gerz, Peters).
Cemetery begun in 1822. Source: "Wo die totn Menschen schweigen da sprechen um so lauter die lebendigen Steine" by Bernhard Kukatzki in the book Juden in der Provinz.


Note from entry misnamed on old pages as LAMBSHEIMER:

"First burial 1824; last 1837. Register of 163 gravestones of which 38 were fragmented. One was mounted upsidedown. Many stones were sunk into the ground. Inscriptions are becoming increasingly difficult to read. All were photographed and are archived at: Kreisverwaltung Ludwigshafen am Rhein in der Abteilung Denkmalpflege. Some of the names have "aus" with a town name, where they lived OR were born. Source: Bernhard Kukatzki, Laurentiusstrasse 28, 67 105 Schifferstadt, Germany."


Confirmation needed that this in fact pertains to LAMBSHEIM.

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