Coat of arms of Kirchheimbolanden KIRCHHEIMBOLANDEN: 67292 Rhineland-Palatinate (Gerz, Peters).
Owned and maintained by Rheinpfalz. Plat Nr. 3070. Size: 4,260 sq. meters; opened 1843. Source: Ernest B. Nathan with permission from Juedische Kultusgemeinde der Rheinpfalz. Source: "Wo die totn Menschen schweigen da sprechen um so lauter die lebendigen Steine" by Bernhard Kukatzki in the book Juden in der Provinz.

Kirchheimbolanden, the capital of Donnersbergkreis, is a town in Rhineland-Palatinate, SW Germany, 25 km W of Worms, and 30 km NE of Kaiserslautern. It became a town in 1368. Synagogue (in German).

Jewish history: "In the early 18th century, three Jewish families were permitted to reside in the town. The communitiy maintained a synagogue which was damaged by fire in 1833, and a cemetery. The congregation was liberal in its religious orientation. The Jewish population reached a peak of 188 in 1830 and the declined steadily. In June 1933, about four months after the Nazi rise to power, there were 65 Jews in Kirchheimbolanden. Local residents strictly adhered to the general boycott of April 1933. On October 1938, 28 Jews remained in Kirchheimbolanden and in late 1939 just 11. Of those who emigrated in 1935-39, 37-39 reached to United States. On Kristallnacht (9-10 November 1938), the synagogue was burned, Jewish homes and stores were vandalized, and Jewish men were sent to the Dachau concentration camp. Ten Jews were deported to the Gurs concentration camp on 22 October 1940." [August 2012]

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