DALSHEIM: 67592 (Kreis Alzey)
The cemetery is located outside the city wall on Strasse. It contains about 150 stones. Only the Loeb headstones have been indexed. Other names include Goldsmith, Hauseman, Herzog, Kahn-Mayer, Kaufmann, Klein, Kraemer, Krautkopf, Mayer, Scheuer, and Strauss. The stones are in remarkably good condition considering the overgrowth of ivy that threatens the future contdition of the stones. I do not think that this cemetery is very widely known. Stones were in both German and Hebrew, usually both. The stones are of a superior rock that is one of the reasons they are still in such good shape. It would take a "crew" to restore and record this cemetery of approx. 150 graves. Source: Niell and Fran Loeb Luebke: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Begräbnisplatz am Kirchhof
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