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Alternate names: Zwoleń [Pol], Zvolin and זוואלין [Yid], Zvolen' and Зволень [Rus], Zwolin. Zwoleń is a village at 51°21' N, 21°36' E in Mazowsze Voivodeship about 30 km E of Radom and the capital of Zwoleń powiat. 2009 population ws 8048 in Masovian Voivodeship in east-central Poland. Jews lived in Zwolen since the 16th century and by the 17th century were 10% of the town's population of 2,700. 1900 Jewish population: 3,242 Just before WWII, the 3,000 Jews in the town (50%) were mostly artisans and shopkeepers.

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Photos. Information about the WWII ghetto. Jewish history. In 1944, the Jewish cemetery was destroyed at the same time the Germans liquidated all traces of the mass executions that had been conducted there. Virtual Shtetl information. [June 2011]

US Commission No.. POCE00086: Information missing.


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