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Alternate names: Witkowo [Pol, Ger]. 52°27' N, 17°48' E, 35 miles E of Poznań (Posen), 11 miles SE of Gniezno. Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), XIII, pp. 669-670: "Witkowo" #1. Jewish population: 312 (in 1885). This town in Gniezno powiat, Greater Poland Voivodeship SE of Poznań. Beside the town of Witkowo, Gmina Witkowo contains the villages and settlements of Chłądowo, Ćwierdzin, Czajki, Dębina, Folwark, Gaj, Głożyny, Gorzykowo, Jaworowo, Kamionka, Kołaczkowo, Królewiec, Krzyżówka, Mąkownica, Małachowo-Kępe, Małachowo-Szemborowice, Małachowo-Wierzbiczany, Małachowo-Złych Miejsc, Malenin, Mielżyn, Odrowąż, Ostrowite Prymasowskie, Piaski, Popielarze, Raszewo, Ruchocin, Ruchocinek, Skorzęcin, Skorzęcin-Nadleśnictwo, Sokołowo, Stary Dwór, Strzyżewo Witkowskie, Wiekowo, Wierzchowiska and Witkówko. [July 2009]

US Commission No. POCE00712

Alternate name: Dominium. Cemetery: The town is located in Konin voivodship, 55 km from Konin and 15 km from Gniezno. Cemetery is located in the former district [sic] now near ul. Sportowa. Present town population is 15,600 with no Jews.

  • Local: Mayor Antoni Popek, Urzd Miasta i Gminy, ul. Gnieznienska 1, Witkowo, tel. #194 or #128.
  • Regional: Ireno Sobievojsko PSOZ Konin-Posodo. Interested: priest canon [EB?] Heliodor Jankowski, tel. #171 Witkowo

The earliest known Jewish community was mid-18th cent. In 1939, total population 1800, with 400 Jews. The unlandmarked cemetery was established in the 18th century with last known Conservative or Progressive Reform Jewish burial 1939. The isolated suburban crown of a hill has no sign or marker. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all. The approximate size of the cemetery before World War II is around 1 ha. No stones are visible. After the destruction of the cemetery in 1941-42, Gorman Arend took part of the matsevot for the construction of his farm, now veterinary ___. In the 1970', during renovation work, some matsevot were uncovered under the floor. No known mass graves. The municipality owns the property used for one family housing estate adjacent to other residential property. Local residents stop. It was vandalized during World War II with no maintenance. Security and incompatible development are considered very serious threats. (There is one family housing estate at the cemetery site).

Lucja Pawlicka Nowak, 62-510 Noriun 11 Distopodo 15/76; tel. 43-43-56 completed survey on Nov. 11, 1992 after visits to the site by Zdzislaw Lorek and Pawlicka-Nowak. Franciszek Szczesmiak, ul. Sportowa 10, Witkowo and Tadeusz Rachwalski, ul. Sportowa 4, Witkowo were interviewed. Other information: In Witkowo, a synagogue, destroyed during WWII, is now a graden of Mr. Jaworski at Krotka Street. A big stone was fixed in the wall with the date 1776.

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