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Coat of arms of Tuchów Alternate names: Tuchów [Pol], Tuchov, טוכוב [Yid]. 49°54' N, 21°04' E, 52 miles ESE of Kraków, 9 miles SSE of Tarnów. This town in Tarnów powiat, Lesser Poland Voivodeship had a 2004 population of 6,476. A prosperous salt mine about 1300 caused Kazimierz the Great to grant Tuchów town rights resulting in a flourmill, lumbering, blacksmithing and furrier operations. By the 17th century, the town profited from different crafts, salt, and trade with Rome, Lvov, Moscow, Berlin and Vienna. Yizkor. [July 2004]

Cemetery: Kriegerfriedhof (war cemetery) Nr.162 {10845} 4 names from WWI; source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . In region Tarnow at 49º_N 21º02 E Alt 378m (GPS Magellan 3000), 15 km S of Tarnow. The unlocked cemetery is on private ground on right side of Tuchow Lowczow road, on the left side of the river Biala. Militaerkommando Krakau, Kriegsgraeberabteilung, erected the Military cemetery cemetery in 1914-1915 for Jewish soldiers killed in action during WWI on the site of Jewish municipal. There are reportedly 4 single graves of members of k.u.k. Feldhaubitzregiment Nr. 3 (Imperial and Royal Field Howitzer Regiment Nr 3) from Marburg (now Maribor, Rep.of Slovenia). The cemetery is listed in the book Die Westgalizischen Heldengraeber aus den Jahren des Weltkrieges 1914-1915, by Major Rudolf Broch and Captain Hans Hauptmann, Krakow 1918 as Nr.162. No sign or marker. Access: After asking permission of the owner, I had no problem enterring,. The private property has a fence. Four gravestones, in original location, regardless of condition are mentioned in the book. The 4 stones have a Star of David. The owner reported that in WWII the SS had removed all stones. Vegetation overgrowth is a constant problem but the cemetery does not exist any more. You would not know there has been a cemetery if you did not know or were not told. The military graves had inscriptions in German. A private owner uses property for a garden. The cemetery is visited by Austrian organization: Oesterreichisches Schwarzes Kreuz_(Austrian Black Cross=War Grave Commission). No care or structures.
Dr. Erich Fritsch, A-5233 Pischelsdorf 56 O.Oe., Austria Tel.:0043-7742-7400; email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it completed survey on 16 October 1997. Documentation: Archiwum Panstwowe w Krakowie, ul. Sienna 16, PL-30-960, Krakow, Fax/Tel.: 213544/224094 has records of military burials. Dr. Fritsch visited the site in July 1997 and interviewed the owner of the property.

see reference to WWI cemetery in the Poland Introduction
TUCHOW:     US Commission No. 000033: In Tarnow. No further information is available. [2000]

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