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Coat of arms of Tarnowskie GóryTarnowskie Góry (German: Tarnowitz) in Silesia in southern Poland near Katowice borders on the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Union, a metropolis with the population of 2 million located in the Silesian Highlands in the Silesian Voivodeship since its formation in 1999 and previously in Katowice Voivodeship. Tarnowskie Góry;s 2008 population of the city of  60,975. [July 2009]

The first mention of Jews here was in 1732, The kahal was established in 1815. In 1890 and 1891, 627 Jews (7%) lived in the town. Around 1900, widespread immigration reduced the number until in 1933 only 300 remained. They were deported in 1940 to concentration camps. The Nazis burned the synagogue in 1939. On the rynek is a memorial dedicated on November 19, 2006. [July 2009]

Jewish history [February 2010]

CEMETERY: Established in 1822, about two hundred gravestones, some in very good condition remain. After 1945, the cemetery was partially used by Lutherans. In 1894, the beit tahara was built (now partially dilapidated) for ritual purposes and as a dwelling for the watchman, still inhabitied. A brick wall, broken in many places, surrounds the cemetery. In addition, in the cemetery, its matzevot, wall, and building are slated for restoration from 2007-2013. A courtyard with dogs preclude entry without prior arrangement. Photos. Video. map. [July 2009]

US Commission No. POCE000544. In Katowickie. The US Commission has not supplied this file. [2000]

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