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Coat of arms of SzczytnoAlternate names: Szczytno [Pol], Ortelsburg [Ger], Ortel'sberg [Rus]. 53°34' N, 21°00' E, 82 miles SSE of Kaliningrad (Königsberg), 52 miles WNW of Łomża. Jewish population: 199 (in 1871). This town in NE Poland with 27,970 inhabitants in 2004 and previously part of the Olsztyn Voivodeship from 1975-1998, is in Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship since1999 and is the seat of Szczytno powiat. [July 2009]

CEMETERY The Jewish cemetery, on ul. Łomżyńska, was established in 1815. photos. [July 2009]

US Commission No. AS 188

Alternate German name: Ortelsburg. The town is located in region Olsztynskie at 53°34 20°59, 46 km from Olsztyn. Cemetery: ul. Lomzynska. Present town population is under 25,000-100,000 with no Jews.

  • Local: Urzad Miasta 12-100 Szczylno, ul. Sierkiewicza 1, tel. 26-25
  • Regional: Mgr. Inz. Elzbieta Szyguta-Zielinska, Urzad Wojewodzki w Olsztynie, Wydriat Gospodarla Terenowej, ul. Pilsudskiego 8/9, tel. 232-276, 10-959 Olsztyn and mgr., Wiktor Knerer, Panistwowa Slurba Ochrony Zabythow, Oddriat w Olsztynie, ul. Podwale 1, tel. 27-21-36, 10-076 Olsztyn.
  • The unpaid caretaker with key: Sendlewski Kazimier, ul. Lomzynska, Szczylno 12-100, tel. 36-05.
  • Interested: mgr. inz. Elzbieta Szyguta-Lielinska, 10435 Olsztyn, ul. Switezianki 6/3, tel.33-29-22. Mgr. Wiktor Knerer (see end) and Ruzaad Wojewodrlu, Wydr. Gosp. Tevenovej, tel. 232-276.

The Jewish community was established in 1812. The 1933 Jewish population was 139. The Progressive/Reform and Orthodox Jewish cemetery was established in 1815 with last known Jewish burial in late 1930s. Landmark: Register of Monuments of the voivodship of Olsztyn. The isolated suburban flat land has no sign or marker. The cemetery was reached originally by turning directly off a public road but now is reached by crossing private property. Access is open with permission via a continuous wire netting fence with locking gate. The pre-WWII size was 0.3 ha; and the post-WWII cemetery size is 0.2 ha. 20 to 100 stones in original location wiyth less than 25% broken or toppled date from 1841. The marble, granite, sandstone, and other flat shaped stones with carved relief decoration or sculpted monuments have Hebrew and/or German inscriptions. There are no known mass graves. The municipality owns the property used for Jewish cemetery. Adjacent property is commercial/industrial and residential. A coal dealer reduced the boundaries from pre-WWII size. Occasionally, local residents and private visitors stop. It was vandalized during World War II and occasionally since. Local/municipal authorities re-erected stones, patched broken stones, cleaned stones, cleared vegetation, and fixed wall. Care now is occasional clearing or cleaning by authorities and regular caretaker. Within the limits of the cemetery are no structures. Vandalism is a moderate threat.

Wiktor Knercer, 10-685 Olsztyn, ul. Barcza 33m16, tel. 33-86-07 completed survey in September 1991. He visited the cemetery in August 1991 and interviewed Kazimierz Sendlewski of Szczlno. Mr. Knerer used Frederichs Deutsches Stadtebuch, Stuttgart 1939 and Gollub, Geschichte des Nadt Ortelsburg, Ortelsburg, 1926. Other documentation exists. He may have additional information.

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