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Coat of arms of Stryków Alternate names: Stryków [Pol], Strikov [Yid], Strickau [Ger]. 51°54' N, 19°36' E, 12 miles NNE of Łódź. 1900 Jewish population: 1,799. Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), XI, pp. 440-441: "Stryków". Stryków is a town in central Poland in Łódź Voivodeship, in Zgierz County. It has 3,602 inhabitants (2004).

CEMETERY: photo. [July 2009]

US Commission No. POCE000058

Alternate Yiddish name: Strikow. Strykow is located in the Lodzkie region at 51°54 19°35, 15 km from Lodz. The cemetery is located on Batorego Street. Present town population is 1,000-5,000 with no Jews.

  • Town: Strykow is Urzad Miasta, ul. 15 Grudnia 11, tel. 2.
  • Regional: Wojewodzki Konserwator Zabytkow, 90-926 Lodz, ul. Piotrkowska 104.

The earliest known Jewish community in Strykow was about 1737. 1921 Jewish population was 1,998. Efraim Ben Izaak Fiszel-Kabalista (2M.1825), Elimelech Menahem Mendel Landau-Cadyk (2M.1877), and Zeew Wolf Landau-Cadyk (2M.1891) lived here. The Orthodox or Conservative Jewish cemetery was established about 1737. Elimelech Menahem Mendel Landau and Zeew Wolf Landau were buried here. The last known Jewish burial was 1939-1945. Landmark: official register of Jewish cemeteries of 1967. The isolated suburban hillside has no sign or marker. Access is entirely closed by a continuous masonry wall with no gate. Reached by turning directly off a public road, the size of the cemetery before W.W.II and now was about 1.2 hectares. No gravestones are visible. Municipality owns site used for a factory of reinforced concrete construction. Properties adjacent are agricultural. Rarely, local residents stop. The cemetery was vandalized during W.W.II; no maintenance. Within the limits of the cemetery are production shops. There are no threats.

Pawel Fijalkowski, 96-500 Sochaczew, ul. Ziemowita 11, tel. 227-91 visited cemetery April 1991 and completed survey November 11, 1991.

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