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Alternate names: Stoczek [Pol], Stok, סטאָק (ביי ווענגראָוו [Yid], Stochek, Сточек [Rus], Stoczek-Węgrowski, Stochek Vengrovski, Stok bai Vengrov, Stoczek near Łochów. 52°33' N, 21°54' E, 10 miles NW of Węgrów, 10 miles E of Łochów, 15 miles S of Ostrów Mazowiecka. (12 localities in Poland are named 'Stoczek'.) Yizkor: Pinkes Stok (bay Vengrov); matsevet netsah. (Buenos Aires, 1974). Stoczek (also called Stoczek Wegrowski) is a village in Mazowieckie voivodship in the Węgrowski powiat in Stoczek gmina and belonged administratively to Siedlce Voivodeship in 1975-1998. The 2004 population was 5,362. Dec.1940-Sept.1942 about 2,000 Jews from the district; were imprisoned Węgrów and executed in Treblinka in September 1942. The 19th century cemetery on Str Wegrowska has 10 gravestones. [July 2009]

Normal 0 CEMETERY: Established in Stoczek probably in the 19th century on Węgrowskie street, the Nazis destroyed the 0.93-ha during WWII with devastation continuing after liberation in the site abandoned until 1984. Jews murdered and buried at various locations in the village were moved to the cemetery including 17 people buried in the yard the family Postków. The Nazis and their minions killed 188 people during the liquidation of the ghetto. In 1984, a lapidarium was created, as was a Holocaust memorial in Hebrew and Polish. A lane leads from the gate entry to the monument on one side of which the remaining gravestones and about 30 fragments remain. Four identical columns of several meters form the landscaping of coniferous hedge and shrubs. The municipal public utilities maintain the site. A building exists next to it. On the opposite side is an empty area of the rest of the cemetery covered by decades old pine trees. Directions: From the town center go south on ul Węgrowską to the cemetery on the right side of the street at the bus stop. Photos.  [July 2009]

US Commission No. POCE000584

Alternate Yiddish name: Stok. Stoczek Begrowski is located in Siedlechie province at 52°33 21°54, 23 km from Wegrow. The cemetery is located on Wegrowska Street. Present town population is 1,000-5,000 with no Jews

  • Town: Urzad Gminy, Stoczek Wegrowski, tel. 122-76.
  • Regional: Wojwodzki Konserwator Zabytkow Siedlce, ul. Zbrojna 3, tel. No. 394-58.
  • Interested: Vieslaw Tarajski, ul. Zeromskiego 12, Wegrow, tel. 22-22 and Mariam Jakubik, ul. Zeromskiego 3, Wegrow, tel. 26-31.

The cemetery is open with no caretaker. 1921 Jewish population was 1221. The last known burial was during WWII. Sadowne, about 10 km away, also used this cemetery. The isolated urban flat land has a Polish sign. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all with a continuous fence and non-locking gate. The size today is 0.2 ha. and before WWII was 1.2 hectares. The building of a health center reduced the boundaries. 1-20 stones, with fewer than 25% toppled or broken, date from 19th century. The granite and sandstone rough stones/boulders, flat-shaped stones, finely smoothed and inscribed stones, flat stones with carved relief decoration, or sculpted monuments have Yiddish inscriptions. The cemetery contains special memorial monuments to Holocaust victims. No known mass graves. Municipality owns property used for Jewish cemetery and a health center. Adjacent properties are agricultural and residential. The cemetery was vandalized during WWII but not in the last ten years. Occasionally, organized tours and private visitors stop. Local/municipal authorities maintenance was re-erected stones, cleaned stones, fixed wall and gate in 1984. Authorities occasionally clear or clean. No structures. Weather erosion and existing nearby development are moderate threats.

Cezary Ostas, Siedlce, ul. Pomorska 1/68, tel. 290-95 completed survey on 9 Oct 1992. He visited the site on 9 Oct 1992 and interviewed Wieslaw Ratajski, Adam Strak, Sloczek, Wegrowski, and Renata Flak, Stoczek Wegrowski.

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