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Coat of arms of Gmina ŚniadowoAlternate names: Śniadowo [Pol], Shnodovo, שניאדובו [Yid], Sniadovo, Снядово [Rus], Shniadove. 53°02' N, 22°00' E, 11 miles SSW of Łomża. 1900 Jewish population: 624. Gmina Śniadowo is a rural administrative district in Łomża powiat, Podlaskie Voivodeship in NE Poland with its seat is the village of Śniadowo, 17 km (11 mi) SW of Łomża and 80 km (50 mi) W of the regional capital Białystok. The gmina 2006 total population was 5,668. Gmina Śniadowo contains the villages and settlements of Bagno, Brulin, Chomentowo, Dębowo, Doły, Duchny Młode, Grabowo, Jakać Borowa, Jakać Dworna, Jakać Młoda, Jakać-Borki, Jastrząbka Młoda, Jemielite-Wypychy, Kołaczki, Konopki Młode, Koryta, Koziki, Mężenin, Młynik, Olszewo, Osobne, Ratowo-Piotrowo, Sierzputy Zagajne, Sierzputy-Marki, Śniadowo, Śniadowo-Stara Stacja, Stara Jakać, Stara Jastrząbka, Stare Duchny, Stare Jemielite, Stare Konopki, Stare Ratowo, Stare Szabły, Strzeszewo, Szabły Młode, Szczepankowo, Truszki, Uśnik, Uśnik-Dwór, Uśnik-Kolonia, Wierzbowo, Wszerzecz, Wszerzecz-Kolonia, Zagroby, Zalesie-Poczynki, Zalesie-Wypychy, Żebry and Żebry-Kolonia. [July 2009]

Jewish settlement in Śniadowie dates from the second half of the 16th century. In the mid-18th century in the village. In 1768, the imposing wooden synagogue was built. Synagogue model. The Jewish populace participated crafts and trade of honey, corn, flax, building products, wood products, and agricultural tools. In 1857, 1,081 Jews, 89.8%, lived there, but by the end of the 19th century the number grew to about 300,000 people. During WWI, the Russians expelled the Jews from Śniadowa and destroyed synagogues. Most settled in Łomża or immigrated overseas. In 1921, only 386 Jews lived in Śniadowa. In the interwar period, anti-Semitism was prevalent. In 1936, Śniadowa pastor was called to Lomza's Department of Safety regarding nationalist excesses in his parish such as a August 19, 1937 violent riot against the Jews exacerbated by the difficult economic situation. In 1941, after the occupation of towns by the Germans, a group of about fifty Jews was shot. The Śniadowo website history contains no mention of Jews, who were the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of this village before WWII. [July 2009]

CEMETERY: Located about one hundred meters west of the village crossroads on ul Szosowa, the 0.5-hectare cemetery was the burialplace of Jews from Śniadowa and nearby towns. Photos. When Jews were not permitted to live within the Lomza town limits and expelled to the surrounding villages, the Jews of the Lomza area buried their dead in Sniadowo in 1830. The Jewish Cemetery of Sniadowo is completely devastated and now a gravel mine on its site. [July 2009]

Total acreage: 0.5 ha with no fence or wall, completely devastated. On its ground is a gravel mine. Source: "Pamiontki kultury zydowskiej w Polsce" by Przemyslaw Burchard, submitted by Gary Maher, Westfield, New Jersey. [date?]

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