SLAWATYCZE: Bia?a Podlaska County, Lublin Voivodeship,[Slovotitch, Slavatiche,????????'?, Slavatyche, Slavatich.] Print

Alternate names: S?awatycze [Pol], Slovotitch [Yid], Slavatiche and ?????????  [Rus], Slavatyche, Slavatich, ????????'? . 51°45' N, 23°33' E, 55 miles NE of Lublin, 26 miles SE of Bia?a Podlaska, 25 miles SSW of Brest, on the Bug River (Poland-Belarus border).

CEMETERY: ulica Polna about 100 m from the Roman Catholic cemetery on an L-shaped lot on an area of 13 500 sq. m.

The cemetery was destroyed during WWII. Stolen gravestones were used in construction. Overgrown and forgotten, in 2008, the cemetery waws cleaned, the fence repaired, and a gate installed by the Foundation for the Preservation of the Jewish Heritage in Poland and finantial support of descendants of Slawatycze Jews and by the Jewish Community of Warsaw. Gravestones retrieved from the city were placed on the cemetery.In May 2008, the cemetery was rededicated and a plaque commemorating the Jews of S?awatycze was unveiled.

Burial list [Jan 2015]

Jewish history and full description of the cemetery with photos.The Jewish cemetery in S?awatycze is located on Polna street on a plot shaped in the letter "L" of an area of 1.35 hectares, about 100 metres behind the Roman Catholic cemetery. During WWII corpses of Jewish Holocaust victims were buried in mass graves on cemetery grounds.  [Jan 2015]