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also see Piaski

Alternate names: Skulsk [Pol], Skul'sk, Скульск [Rus], סקולסק [Yid]. 52°29' N, 18°20' E, 23 miles NE of Słupca, 19 miles N of Konin, on the former Russia-Prussia border. 1900 Jewish population: 185 (in 1897), 228 (in 1921). Yizkor: Pinkas ha-kehilot; entsiklopediya shel ha-yishuvim le-min hivasdam ve-ad le-aher shoat milhemet ha-olam ha-sheniya: Poland vol. 1: The communities of Lodz and its region (Jerusalem, 1976). This village in Konin County, Greater Poland Voivodeship, in west-central Poland is the seat of the administrative district called Gmina Skulsk, just north of Ślesin and 97 km (60 mi) east of the regional capital Poznań. The village had a population of 1,400 in 2006. Besides the village of Skulsk, Gmina Skulsk contains the villages and settlements of Buszkowo, Buszkowo-Parcele, Celinowo, Czartówek, Czartowo, Dąb, Dzierżysław, Galiszewo, Gawrony, Goplana, Kobylanki, Kolonia Warzymowska, Koszewo, Lisewo, Lisewo-Parcele, Łuszczewo, Mielnica Duża, Mielnica Mała, Mniszki B, Nowa Wieś, Paniewo, Piastowo, Pilich, Popielewo, Przyłubie, Radwańczewo, Rakowo, Skulska Wieś, Starostwo, Wandowo, Warzymowo, Włodzimiera, Zalesie and Zygmuntowo. 200+ Jews lived in Skulsk at the time of the Nazi invasion. They were deported to Mokre labor camp where they dug peat. [July 2009]

US Commission No. POCE000699
The town is located at 52º29' 18º20' in Konin region, approximately 15 km N of Slesin and 35 km N of Konin. Cemetery: in suburb called Piaski at the E side of the road from Skulsk to Luszczewo. Present town population is under 1,000 with no Jews.

  • Local: Wojt gminy [head of village], eng. Janusz Szklarz, Urzad Gminy, ul. Koninska 20, Skulsk, tel. #18 and M. Irena Sobierajska, PSOZ o/Konin Posada, gm. Kamimierz Biskupi, tel. # Konin 975, ext. 212-936.
  • Regional: Urzad Rejonowy, ul. Maja 15/17, Konin [street name may be changed].
  • Interested: M. Lech Hejman, director of the Public Library of the Voierodship] Wojewodzki Biblioteka Publiczna, ul. A. Michiewicza 2, Konin, tel. #42 85 57. Antoni Henclewski, ul. Wlocklawska 5, Skulsk tel. #19.

The earliest known Jewish community was before 1914. The Jewish population before 1914 was about 200 with 42 families. The unlandmarked Orthodox and Conservative Jewish cemetery was established before 1914. 1940 or 1941 was the last known Jewish burial. The isolated rural flat land has no sign or marker. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all with no wall, fence, or gate. Site was fenced with a gate up to 1940. The pre-and post-WWII cemetery size is about 0.4 ha. No stones are visible. The missing stones were incorporated into the Skulsk-Luzzcewo Road. The municipality owns the now barren property. Adjacent property is agricultural. Private visitors visit. It was vandalized during WWII. No care. Within the limits of the cemetery are no structures. Security and vegetation are a moderate threat.

Lucja Pawlicka-Nowak, 62, 510 Konin, ul. 11 Listopada 15/76, tel. 43-43-56 completed survey on 15 Sep 1992 and visited in September 1992. He conducted interviews and used documents in the office of the commune of Skulsk. Other documentation exists but is too general. He interviewed Antoni Henclewski, Skulsk in September 1992.

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