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Coat of arms of SerockAlternate names: Serock [Pol], Serotzk [Yid, Rus], סרוצק [Yid], Сероцк [Rus], Serotsk, Sierck, Sierock, Srotsk. 52°31' N, 21°04' E, 19 miles N of Warszawa, 14 miles S of Pułtusk. 1900 Jewish population: 2,054. 1921 Jewish population: 50.

Yizkor: Sefer Serotsk, (Tel Aviv, 1971) . Serock is a town at the north bank of the Zegrze lake in the Legionowo powiat, Masovian Voivodeship with 3,616 inhabitants in 2004. You can enter the vacation center only if permission is given. "Narew" Vacation-Training Center of PKO S.A., Ul. Pułtuska 132, Serock. [June 2009]

Jewish history. WWII history. [February 2010]

Jewish history [July 2012]


Located at ul. Pultuski 132, during WWII the Nazis ordered destruction of the cemetery with gravestones stolen for construction work, such as on Narwią staircase and terraces at the top of Baborka, a steep slope that allows the gravestones to fall and br After the liberation, gravestones were on Barbarka hill. The land was used to construct Holiday Resort "Narew", originally used by craftsmen, and then by the end of PZPR by Bank PKO. The remaining gravestones probably were removed during this construction from the cemetery where today, swings and a grill stand. In the 1980s, Social Care of Cemeteries and the Jewish Cultural Heritage Sites in Poland considered commemorating the cemetery. Jewish organizations and municipal authorities considered various options for securing the surviving tombstones including the use of the mostly sandstone matzevot as the monument in the former synagogue site or transfer to the Jewish cemetery in Warsaw. Finally, in the 1990s, the few gravestones on a small slope inside the park center "Narew", about a hundred meters north of the old cemetery became the lapidarium site with about 30 matzevot fragments. Inscriptions and carved symbols in are subject to weathering but show carved candles, Cohanim hand, holy books, or lions. photos. [June 2009]

After the war, the local authorities permitted a vacation center here [photo]. At present, in the area of the cemetery  are two wooden tables used by the holiday center. About 100 meters from it, a few Jewish gravestones have been laid. You can enter the vacation center only if permission is given: "Narew" Vacation-Training Center of PKO S.A., Ul. Pułtuska 132, Serock. Cemetery photos. Restoration project. [February 2010]

US Commission Restoration project. [May 2010]

Restoration of cemetery. [July 2012]

Unveiling of monument at former cemetery site (Long Island Jewish World Vol. 43 #31) [Sept 2014]

Unveiling of monument at former cemetery site (US Commission report) [January 2015]

Memorial photo. [Sept 2014]

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