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In 1930, there were 3000 Jews in Rozan out of a total population of 5000. Jewish history.

Coat of arms of Różan Alternate names: Różan [Pol], Rozhan, רוז'אן [Yid], Ruzhan, Ружан [Rus], Rizan, Ruzan. 52°53' N, 21°25' E, 35 miles SW of Łomża, 15 miles SSW of Ostrołęka. 1900 Jewish population: 1,698. Yizkors: Sefer zikaron le-kehilat Rozan (al ha-Narew) (Tel Aviv, 1977); Dzieje społeczności żydowskiej: powiatów Pułtusk i Maków Mazowiecki (Warsaw, 1993); and Pinkas ha-kehilot; entsiklopediya shel ha-yishuvim le-min hivasdam ve-ad le-aher shoat milhemet ha-olam ha-sheniya: Poland vol. 4: Warsaw and its region (Jerusalem, 1989). This town in Mazovian Voivodeship is on the Narew River. Jews settled here the beginning of the 12th century at the invitation of the rulers, who granted them rights.  In the 16th century, Rozan's kahal was formed and paid taxes to the Council of the Four Lands, but the synagogue was completed only in 1888. The Rozan Jews were divided between Chassidim and Mitnaggdim.  The mitnaggdim prayed in the synagogues and the hassidim in the "Gur", "Alexander", "Radzimin", "Amishov" and "Otwozek" shtiblach. During WWI, Rozan was burned down  The Jews fled and returned after it was occupied by the Germans. The houses and the synagogue were rebuilt and community life restored. Jewish history. We Remember Jewish Rozan. Normal 0 Before the outbreak of World War II, Różan had 3,000 Jews out of a population of 5,000. As the Germans entered, a large part of the Jewish population fled. Those who could not flee were murdered. By 1945, fewer than two thousand people remained, among them one Jew. Survivors requested that the City Council place a memorial in the city, but they refused. One survivor decided to recover the old Jewish cemetery outside the city. In 1990, Ada Holtzman asked for help from a Canadian lawyer, who represented the interests of the Jews. He met Różana officials, but he also failed to get their cooperation. The cemetery was privately owned. The city could not force him to sell. When the group managed to collect the money to buy the cemetery, they were told that a non-Pole could not buy it. Priests assisted to get an original birth certificate for the purchaser. Since he never lost his Polish citizenship, no further obstacles existed to purchase the cemetery land. The cemetery is orderly and fenced. In the center is a Holocaust memorial built with three gravestones that were found. The unveiling took place on May 31, 2004. Photos.  [June 2009]

ROZAN: (I) US Commission No. POCE000051
Alternate German name: Rosan. Rozan in Ostroleckie (Ostrolecka) region at 52º 53E 21º 25N, 20 km. from Makow Mazowiecki; 26 km from Ostroleka; 36 km. from Ostrow Mazowiecka; 30 km. from Pultusk; and 921 km from Warsaw. Present population is 1,000-5,000 with no Jews.

  • Local: Mayor Stanislaw Pawelczyk, Urzad Miasti I Gminy, ul. Obroncow Rozana, 06-230 Rozan, tel. 690-05. Osrodek Wczasowy Warszawskiej, Fabryki Pomp, ul. Krolowej Bony, 06-230 Rozan, tel. 690-61.
  • Regional: Ewa Kawalek, Wojewodzki. Konserwator Zabytkow, Panstwowa Sluzba Ochrony Zabytkow, Odolz. Wojewodzki w Ostrolece, ul. Pilsudskiego 38, 07-400 Ostroleka, tel. 668-29.

The earliest known Jewish community was 18th century. 1931 Jewish population was 1,800. The cemetery was established 19th century with last Jewish burial date about 1935. No other towns used this unlandmarked Orthodox, Conservative, and Progressive/Reform cemetery cemetery. The isolated rural hillside by water has no sign or marker. Reached by crossing public property: Osrodek Wczasowy Warsawskiej Fabryki Pomp, access is open with permission. The cemetery has a continuous fence with locking gate. The pre-and post-WWII size is 1.2 ha. 1-20 granite Hebrew and Yiddish inscribed tombstones in original location with less than 25% toppled or broken date from the 19th-20th century. The cemetery contains no known mass graves. The municipality owns property used for recreation (park, playground, and sports field). Adjacent property is agricultural and residential. Rarely, private visitors and local residents stop. It was vandalized during World War II but not in the last ten years. There is no maintenance, no care. Within the limits of the cemetery are holiday resort buildings. Water erosion and pollution are a moderate threat. Vandalism, incompatible nearby existing, and planned or proposed development pose very serious threats because a holiday resort functions within its premises.

Wojciech Henry Kowski, 06-200 ul, Makow Maz, Spotaziekzo 20 completed survey on August 22, 1991 using the collection of Panstwowe BiuroOchrony Zabytkow w Ostroleie as documentation. The site was not visited.

ROZAN (II):     US Commission No. POCE000052
Cemetery: 66 Poniatowskiego Street.

  • Information: Mieczyslaw Zebrowski, ul. Poniohowskiego 66, Rozan.

The cemetery was established 1935 with last Jewish burial date about 1939/40. No other towns or villages used this unlandmarked Orthodox, Conservative, and Progressive/Reform cemetery. The isolated rural (agricultural) flat land has no sign or marker. Reached by crossing private property, access is open to all with no wall, fence, or gate. The pre-and post-WWII size is 0.5 ha. No stones are visible. The cemetery contains no known mass graves. A private individual owns property used for agriculture. Adjacent property is agricultural and residential. The cemetery is visited rarely. It was vandalized during World War II but not in the last ten years. There is no maintenance, no care. "The cemetery does not function in the social consciousness." It was destroyed during the World War. Vandalism, weather erosion, and security are very serious threats. For survey information, see Rozan (I) above.

UPDATE: ROZAN (II) cemetery's ground was re-bought by town's Jewish people from Israel and USA. This cemetery was active since 1920 (not 1935). The cemetery was commemorated on May 31, 2004. See (Polish) for more information. Source: Nehama Farber. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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