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Alternate names: Raniżów [Pol], Ranischau [Ger], Ranizov [Yid], Reinzov. 50°16' N, 21°59' E, 15 miles N of Rzeszów, 10 miles E of Kolbuszowa. 1900 Jewish population: 350. Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), IX, pp. 525-526: "Raniżów". Normal 0 The date of the first Jewish permanent residence here is unknown, but by the beginning of 19th century, the Jewish community was thriving. In 1870, 271 Jews lived. Anti-Semitic riots on May 3, 1919 resulted in many houses, shops, and establishments belonging to the Jews plundered, one death, and several injured. In 1921, 278 Jews were 17.8% of the total population. In autumn 1941, Jews were sent by the Nazis to Sokołowa, Głogów, Małopolska and, later, death camps. The Jewish cemetery is located north of the road to Kolbuszowej-Sokołowa-Małopolskie near the sports stadium. Today, in the small forest only a few concrete grave frame remain among bushes, garbage, and compost piles. photos. [June 2009]

US Commission No. POCE000501

Alternate Yiddish names: Reinzov and Raniszow. The town is located at 50º16E 21º59N, 40 km. north from Rzeszow. Cemetery: beside football field in Rzeszow region. Present population is 1,000-5,000 with no Jews.

  • Local: Urzad Gminy 36-130 Ranizow, tel 34.
  • Regional: Wojedwodzki Konserwator Zabytkow Rzenow, ul. Grunwaldzna 15.

The pre-WWII Jewish population was 200. The cemetery was established 18th century with last Jewish burial date during WWII. The cemetery was 500 m. from synagogue. No other towns or villages used this unlandmarked cemetery. The isolated suburban flat land has no sign or marker. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all with no wall, fence, or gate. The pre-and post-WWII size is 750 sq. meters. 1-20 gravestones are visible, none in original locations with less than 25% toppled or broken. The 20th century limestone and sandstone rough stones/boulders are inscribed in Hebrew. The cemetery contains no known mass graves. The municipality owns property used only as a Jewish cemetery although it was used for waste dumping. Adjacent property is recreational. Private visitors visit rarely. It was vandalized during World War II. No maintenance. No structures exist. Security and vandalism are very severe threats. Vegetation is a moderate threat, disturbing graves.

Natascha Rhode, 35-213 Rzeslow, ul. Starzynskiego 5/29 completed survey in June 1992 after visiting the site. She interviewed P. Burchard-Zabytki Kultury Lydowskie.

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