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Coat of arms of Przeworsk

Alternate names: Przeworsk [Pol], Pshevarsk, פשבורסק [Yid], Pshevors'k, Пшеворськ [Ukr]. 50°04' N, 22°30' E, 22 miles E of Rzeszów, 23 miles NNW of Przemyśl. Jewish population: 1,477 (in 1910). This town in SE Poland with 15,675 inhabitants in June 2009 since 1999 in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship and capital of Przeworsk powiat. Normal 0 The Jewish Cemetery was completely destroyed. Under PRL governance, a bus station was built on the land. On the edge is a small Holocaust monument. Photos. [June 2009]

ShtetLink [November 2002]

US Commission No. POCE000156

Przeworsk is in Przemysl province at 50º03N 22º29E, 47 km from Przemysl and 37 km from Rzeszow. Present population is 5000-25000 with no Jews.

  • Town: Urzad Miejski ul. Jagiellonska 10 tel. 3021. region Konserwator Zabytkow mgr. Pawel Koziol 37-700 Przemysl ul. Rynek 24 tel. 5944.

Earliest known Jewish community was 18th century. 1921 census listed 1457 Orthodox Jews. The unlandmarked isolated urban flat land is open to all and reached by turning off the public road. Before World War II, the size of the cemetery was 0.48 ha. No stones are visible. The municipality owns site, now a bus station. Adjacent properties are residential. Frequently, local residents use bus station. There is no care or threats.

Jan Pawel Woronczak, Sordomierska Str. 21 m 1 02-567 Warszawa; tel. 49-54-62 completed survey by on December 31, 1991 after a visit in 1990.

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