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NOTICE: The "Poland Jewish Cemeteries Restoration Project" (PJCRP) has two major objectives:
  1. Restoration/Preservation of hundreds of still devastated Jewish cemeteries in Poland, recognizing the important efforts already underway on specific sites and the need for continued funding for perpetual care of every site.
  2. Documentation-photographing and translating every monument; filming documentaries of before, during and after restoration; and, making all of this freely available on the Internet through our the PJCRP web site (under construction), through JewishGen and others.
Restoring the Jewish cemeteries of Poland to
  • Recover and restore what is left of Jewish heritage in Poland
  • Honor the dead and
  • Care for cemeteries as a mitzvah (good deed)
  • Remember the hundreds of thousands of Jews murdered and buried in mass graves in cemeteries and nearby forests
  • Obtain valuable genealogical and historical information
  • Enable Jews and non-Jews, traveling through Poland, to learn of their heritage and the Holocaust
Source: Dr. Norman L. Weinberg; PJCRP, Executive Coordinator; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [July 2002]
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