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Alternateánames: Opole Lubelskie [Pol, since 1945], Opola, ?????????????? [Yid], Opole [Pol, before 1945], ?????-????????? [Rus] Apla, Opole Lubelski. 51░09' N, 21░58' E, 27 miles SW of Lublin, 18 miles S of Pu?awy. Called "Opole" until 1945, "Lubelskie" was added to differentiate it from the town named "Opole" (Oppeln) in former Upper Silesia, Germany. yizkor: Sefer Opole-Lubelski (Tel Aviv, 1977). Located at ul. Jˇzefowskiej, the exact date of establishing the 3.17 ha cemetery is unknown, probably 1650. An ohel and a second building, probably a tahara, were in the cemetery. During WWII, the Nazis destroyed the cemetery, using the gravestones for paving streets and sidewalks. The devastation continued after the war. Now, individual fragments of gravestones survive. [June 2009]

US Commission No. POCE00189

Located in Lublin Province, 51║03 21║53, 50 km fom Lublin. The cemetery is located about 1km W of the market square, along the road. Present town population is 5000-25000, no Jews.

  • Town: Urzad Miasta i Gminy, tel. 20-50 and Konserwator Zabytkow mgr. H. Londeckie, Lublin, pl. Lifewski 1, tel. 28-35.

The earliest known Jewish community was first half of the 17th century. 1921 Jewish population was 3766. The Orthodox cemetery was established in the second half of the 17th century. The isolated suburban flat land (a moraine), off a public road with access open to all. A broken fence with non-locking gate surround. A Polish sign mentions Jews. There are no stones visible in the 3.17 hectare cemetery. The municipality owns property used as a Jewish cemetery and waste dump. Adjacent property is agricultural and residential. Occasionally/rarely, private visitors stop. The cemetery was vandalized and graves desecrated during World War II. No maintenance. Problems include security, vegetation overgrowth vandalism and weather erosion. The area is dug up; garbage is thrown from nearby houses; and children use it as a playground.

Pawel Sygowski, 20-201 Lubin, ul. Walwowsznyzna 64/59 visited site in Oct 1991 and completed survey in December 1991. People were interviewed.

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