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Alternate names of town or village: Opartowo and Opatów in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. It is the capital of Opatów County at 50°48′18″N 21°25′29″E . 2007 population: 7,833.

Opatów, a settlement on the Vistula River in an area of forests and lakes was  transferred to the nobleman Krzysztof Siedlecki in 1514. He restored the city, built a defensive wall, castle, and local government headquarters and improved the water supply. Opatów had two annual fairs and two market days a week. Prior to the Second World War, Opatów had a substantial Jewish population. See History of Jews in Opatow.

The cemetery is located in a forest 1km W of Rajgrod on main road 61 to Opartowo, about 15km WSW of Augustow. 53º44 22º42. Present total town population: 2000 with no Jews. Contract for cemetery information: Janusz Sobolewski; Town Hall, Rajgrod. Jewish population as of the last census before World War II: 500+. About twenty people of the community were marched into forest and murdered. 450+ were interned in the ghetto before being moved to Treblinka. The isolated wooded flat land has no sign or marker. Reached by turning directly off a public road, no wall, fence or gate surround. 100+ gravestones with 25+ in original location. The vegetation overgrowth in the cemetery is a constant problem, disturbing graves and damaging stones. The cemetery property is a forest. Properties adjacent are agricultural. Rarely, organized individual tours and Jewish or non-Jewish private visitors stop. The cemetery was vandalized during World War II. No maintenance. No structures. Security (uncontrolled access) is a moderate threat. Weather erosion and vegetation are very serious threats. Pollution and vandalism are a slight threat. Incompatible nearby development is a slight threat.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,Calgary Alberta T3A 0K5 403 630-4761 completed this survey on 29 Sept 1999 using a small amount of photos and a video. He visited the site on 1 Sep 1999 with Abe, Brian, Ryan, and Faye Sidorsky. He interviewed Janusz Sobolewski for the cemetery location.

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