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Herb Alternate names: Okuniew [Pol], Okuniev, אוקונייב [Yid], Okunev, Окунев [Rus]. 52°16' N, 21°18' E, 13 miles E of Warszawa. 1900 Jewish population: 287. Yizkor: Sefer zikaron le-kehilot Rembertow, Okuniew, Milosna, (Tel Aviv, 1974). Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), VII, pp. 441-442: "Okuniew". Okuniew is a village by the Długą river in the administrative district of Gmina Halinów within Mińsk powiat, Masovian Voivodeship in east-central Poland, 6 km (4 mi) NWof Halinów, 21 km (13 mi) NW of Mińsk Mazowiecki with a 2001population of 1,900. [June 2009]

Jews first appeared in Okuniewie probably as early as the 18th century to engage in a trade, as tailors, furriers, and selling building materials for the Csar's army. Their kahal built a synagogue that also served nearby villages and Rembertów Halinów as well as a cheder, socio-political organizations, and the Icchak L. Perec Wheel Theater Enthusiasts. The bad economic crisis of the early 20th century and fires of 1930 and resulted in many local Jews immigrating, mainly to France and America until the established Jewish community moved to Rembertów. During WWII, the remaining Jews were deported to death camps. [June 2009]


  • The destroyed cemetery in the woods just behind the Catholic cemetery has several matzevot and several dozen fragments. Until the creation of the cemetery, these Jews were buried at Okuniewa Brodnia in Warsaw. The inventory revealed Aron ben Moshe; Bacalel ben Joseph Solomon, died in 1935 age of 42; Goldsztajn ben Jacob, died 1925; daughter of (no name) Abraham, died in 1881; Miriam's daughter Sara Symchy Bunema; Menachem Mendel, died 1918; Isahar Barenczyk ben Chaim Jehuda, died in 1918, ben Abraham Pszenny ben Moshe Chaim Ha-Levi, who died in 1930; Becalel Kalina Levite ben Moshe, who died 1931. A felled tree gravestone is the only gravestone with Polish inscription, that of Regina Ajzensztark, who died July 30, 1935 at the age of 28. Normal 0 Here also was the grave of a Catholic boy mistaken for a Jew by the Germans,who was shot here. On his grave as late as the autumn 2005 was a cross, now gone. Students of the lower secondary and Okuniewie Sulejówku care for the cemetery. The land is orderly with a plaque with arrows indicating the location of graves. The Jewish Historical Institute received communication from third-graders from Okuniew, who interviewed elderly villagers and wanted to "restore the dignity due" the cemetery. In September 2001 they cleaned the grounds and remaining matzevot. [June 2009]
  • burial list [Jan 2015]

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