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Coat of arms of Nysa Alternate names: Nysa [Pol], Neisse [Ger], Nisa [Cz], Niesse, Neiße, Neisze. 50°28' N, 17°20' E, In Upper Silesia, 46 miles SSE of Wrocław (Breslau), 32 miles SW of Opole (Oppeln). Jewish population: 464 (in 1861), 220 (in 1933). This town in SW Poland  in Opole Voivodeship on the Nysa Kłodzka river with about 47,545 inhabitants in 2006 is the capital of Nysa powiat and comprises the urban portion of the surrounding Gmina Nysa, a mixed urban-rural commune with a total population of 60,123 inhabitants.This, the largest city in Poland is not located in a strictly "urban" gmina. Nysa is one of the oldest towns in Silesia, probably founded in the 10th century. [June 2009]

US Commission No. POCE00528

Alternate name: Neisse, in German. Nysa is in the region of Wojenodztwo ati 50º28'17º20', 61 km from Opole. The cemetery is located at ul. Wojska Polskiego. Present town population is 25,000-100,000 with no Jews present.

  • Village: Urzad Miastra I Gminy, ul. Kolejowa 15, Telephone # 2276.
  • Regional: Wojenoozki Konserwator Zabytkow, mgr. J. Prusiewicz, 45-082 Opole. ul. Piastowska 14.

1938 Progressive/Reform Jewish population was 152 persons. Date of earliest known Jewish community was 1351. The unlandmarked suburban hillside,part of a municipal cemetery, has no signs or markers. Access is turning directly off a public road. The cemetery is open to all with no walls, fences or gates. No stones are visible. The cemetery did not survive. The marble, granite and sandstone stones are gone. There are no known mass graves. Municipality owns site used for waste dumping. Properties adjacent are residential. Rarely, private visitors stop.

Marcin Wodzinski, ul. Jednoscinarodonej 187/43. 50-303 Wroclaw tel. 210908 or 216908 [sic] completed survey on April 15, 1992. Documentation: Neisse. Das Schlesische Rom, Wurzburg 1988; Neisse, Berlin, 1925. Marcin Wodzinski visited the site for the survey on April 5, 1992. Neighbors near the cemetery were interviewed.

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