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52░17' N, 22░07' E. This village in Siedlce County, Masovian Voivodeship in east-central Poland is the seat of the administrative district called Gmina Mokobody,17 km (11ámi) NW of Siedlce and 77ákm (48ámi) E of Warsaw with a population of 1,600. Normal 0 Mokobody is a communal village 10 km NW of Siedlce. Jews settled here probably in the first half of the 19th century. Jewish population: 1844-486 (32.7%); 1861-394; and 1921-290. From 1900 through the early 20th century, some Jews left Mokobody for other cities and to America. In October 1942 year, Mokobodˇw Jewish residents were deported to Treblinka. [June 2009]

CEMETERY: Located at ulica Stodolna on the southern outskirts of the city, the 0.5 hectare cemetery has no visible graves. Like a pasture, the children to play football here. Until recently, cemetery was uesd obtained sand for building purposes. Before WWII, the cemetery had a roofed gate in a wooden fence. During the German occupation, the gravestones were used for surfacing roads. Filled with tall pine. [June 2009]

US Commission No. POCE000649

Mokobody is located in Siedlechie woj, 17 km from Siedlce and 18 km from Wegrow. The cemetery is at the SE edge of locality near Stodolna Street. Present population is 1,000-5,000 without Jews.

  • Town officials responsible for site: Urzad Gminy, Mokobody, tel. 133-15.
  • Interested: Stefan Czerwinski, Mokobody, Pl. Chreptowicza, tel. 133-19 and Piotr Maliszewski, Siedlce, ul. 3 Maja 44, tel. 258-23.

The Jewish cemetery was established in the 19th century with last known burial during WWII. The isolated suburban hillside has no sign or marker. Reached by crossing private property, access is open to all without wall, fence, or gate. The size today is 0.5 and before WWII was 0.7 hectare, reduced by a housing development. No stones are visible. Municipality owns property used a sports field. Adjacent properties are agricultural and residential. The cemetery was vandalized during WWII. No care, structures, or threats. Private visitors stop rarely.

Cezary Ostas, Siedlce, ul. Pomorska 1/68, tel. 290-95 completed this survey on 12 Dec 1992 using the urban-historical study of Mokobody by P. Maliszewski and C. Ostas, Siedlce 1991, accessible in the office of the regional conservator of monuments in Siedlce. He visited 8 Sep 1992 and interviewed Piotr Maliszewski, Siedlce on 12 Dec 1992.

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