MIASTKO: Pomorskie Print

File:POL Miastko COA 1.svg Alternate names: Rummelsburg, Miastko, Rummelsburg in Pommern, 54°00' N 16°59' E, 205.6 miles NW of Warszawa. This town in the Middle Pomerania region of northwestern Poland administratively since 1999, the town has been part of Bytów powiat in the Pomeranian Voivodeship and was previously (1975-1998) in Słupsk Voivodeship. The first documentation of settlement in Miastko was one family in 1728. in 1818, the synagogue and cemetery were established. 60 Jews lived there before WWII; Nazi repression forced many to leave until in 1939 only seven Jews remained. [June 2009]

CEMETERY: On ul. Koszalinska next to the Team Schools, the 19th 1.26 ha cemetery was destroyed by the Nazis with devastation continuing after liberation. A few years ago, human remains were found which stopped the digging for the school. Jewish representatives buried human remains buried in a wooden box in an unmarked location. [June 2009]