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53°19' N 22°02' E, 85.4 miles NNE of Warszawa. Mały Płock is a village in Kolno, Podlaskie Voivodeship, in NE Poland. It is the seat of the gmina (administrative district)  approximately 9 mi SE of Kolno and 50 mi  W of the regional capital Białystok. Near Katy and Jedwabne. In 1921, 8, 2% of the whole Kolo county population was Jewish and about ten Jewish families in Maly Plock before World War II. They were mainly traders. When World War II began, all Jews from Maly Plock nearby Stawiski, Kolno, Lomza, etc. were gathered in a school building in Katy. From Katy, they were taken by trucks to Msciwuje, where they were shot and buried in a large anti-tank trench. The mass shootings lasted for several days. According to archives, more than 4000 Jews were shot in Msciwuje. Read Yahad-In Unum's report of the research trip in this area [July 2015[


Execution Site witness account. of execution in forest near Msciwuje village in 1941, about 4000 people from villages of Maly Plock, Stawisk, Kolna and Lomza; (Deposition of Franciszek B.,45 years old; RG-15.019M Reel#1) [July 2015]

YAHAD In Unun. [Aug 2015]


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