Located at 50º17/22º45 in Rzeszow, Galicia without Jewish population. The Jewish population before WWII was 114. The last Jewish burial was before WWII. The Jewish communities of Sieniawski and Majdan used the unlandmarked Orthodox cemetery, a few km away. The isolated rural (agricultural) flat land without sign or marker is reached by crossing private property. The cemetery is located behind farm house and farm buildings in the nearby town of Sieniawski, a few kilometers from Majden Sieniawski. Access is open with permission. A broken fence without gate surrounds the cemetery. The cemetery is many hectares. Most gravestones toppled or broken, The vegetation is a seasonal problem preventing access. The cemetery has a separate section for women. The 19th century granite and slate flat stones with carved relief decoration and religious symbol carvings have Yiddish inscriptions. The cemetery contains no known mass graves. A private individual owns site. The cemetery property does not seem to be farmed. The adjacent properties are agricultural. Compared with 1939, the cemetery boundaries enclose the same area. Rarely, private visitors stop. The property was not vandalized. No maintenance. Within the limits of the cemetery is a small building without windows and a locked door. No threats except slightly from weather erosion.
     Irene Silfin, 15 Audley Clr., Plainview, NY 11803. 516-935-8224 completed survey on 15 October 1997 after a visit to the site in July 1995. No documentation or interviews.