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Alternate names: Majdan Królewski [Pol], Maidan [Yid], Majdan, Meidan, Majdan Kolbuszowa, Majdan Kolbasur, Majdan Kolbishor, Majdan Krowlewski. ShtetLink. Dozens of places are named 'Majdan' in Poland. This one. at 50°23' N, 21°45' E, 25 miles NNW of Rzeszów (Zheshuv), 9 miles N of Kolbuszowa. Gmina Majdan Królewski contains the villages and settlements of Brzostowa Góra, Huta Komorowska, Komorów, Krz?tka, Majdan Królewski, Stary Rusinów and Wola Rusinowska. Majdan Królewski is a village in Kolbuszowa County, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, in SE Poland and the seat of the administrative district called Gmina Majdan Królewski, 15 km (9 mi) N of Kolbuszowa and 43 km (27 mi) NW of the regional capital Rzeszów with a population of 2,400. [June 2009]

CEMETERY: Jewish settlement began in the 18th century; in 1891, the kaha? was established with Tuvia Horowic as the first rabbi. 1921 Jewish population: 565. Shortly after the Nazis seized the city, they forced the Jews to burn the synagogue. The cemetery has several visible matzevot, but only two preserved in their entirety. Located in the forest about two km SE of the market in the middle of the road toward the chamber exit to the left, the cemetery has the outlines of concrete slabs on site of the sewage treatment plant. At the gate, go to a treatment plant to the NW,  after about five minutes on foot is the cemetery surrounded by remains of the wall. [June 2009]

UPDATE: Ul Bachnat: We were told that there was no cemetery any longer. We, however, were able to find it in May 1995, another Jewish cemetery (and, in fact, everyone in the town who we asked knew exactly where to point us) unfortunately, has only 2 standing intact tombstones and is used as a garbage dump. If you are interested, I can provide additional information. Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [date?]

US Commission No. 000241

MAJDAN KROLEWSKI: (II) US Commission No. POCE000242
Majdan Krolewski (II) is located in Tarnobrzeg at 50ş23 21ş45, 30 km from Tarnobrzeg and 43 km from Rzeszow. The cemetery can be found on Bachnat St., E of market square next to a factory, 170m N of road to Ranizow. Present population is 1,000-5,000, without Jews.

  • Town: Urzad Gminy, ul. Rynek, tel. 74, 75.
  • Regional: Wojewodzki Konserwator Zabytkow, (Mgr. Dominik Komada), ul. Pilsudskiego 40, tel. 22-81-61. Dyrektor Wydzialu Spraw Spotecznych, Urzedu Wojewodzkiego, (Edward Kuracinski), ul. Kosciuszki 32, tel. 22-19- 99.

The earliest known Jewish community was 1772, and the population, according to the 1931 census was 700. The unlandmarked Orthodox cemetery was established in the late nineteenth century. The isolated flat land, between fields and woods, can be reached by turning directly off a public road. Aaccess is open to all without wall, fence, gate, or sign. The cemetery was destroyed during WWII; no gravestones or structures remain. Prior to WWII the cemetery was 2.50 hectares in size, now it is 1.50 hectares. The municipality currently owns the used as a school athletic field and a gravel pit. It is adjacent to industrial and agricultural properties. The further existence of the cemetery site, including graves that might still remain underground, is threatened by existing and planned development.

Marek Florek, ul. Chopina 12/2 37-420 Rudnik n/Ganem, tel. 26 completed survey on 15/11/1991. Documentation: Karta ewidencjie mentarza (documentation card); Plan exatastralny (Cadastral plan). Other documents not accessible. He visited the site on 15/11/1991.

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