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Coat of arms of Łapy

used cemeteries at Bialystok, Suraz, and Sokoly

Alternate names: Łapy [Pol], Lapy [Yid, Rus]. Лапы [Rus], לאפּי {Yid]. 52°59' N, 22°52' E, in NE Poland, 16 miles SW of Białystok, 15 miles ENE of Wysokie Mazowieckie. Jewish population: 623 (in 1921). Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), V, p. 594: "Łapy". Łapy is a town in NE Poland in Podlaskie Voivodeship since 1999, previously in Białystok Voivodeship (1975-1998). 2004 population was about 16,620. One of the largest Polish beet sugar factories selling to Islamic countries and the Middle East is located here. Apart from the town of Łapy, Gmina Łapy contains the villages and settlements of Bokiny, Daniłowo Duże, Daniłowo Małe, Gąsówka-Oleksin, Gąsówka-Osse, Gąsówka-Skwarki, Gąsówka-Somachy, Łapy-Dębowina, Łapy-Kołpaki, Łapy-Korczaki, Łapy-Łynki, Łapy-Pluśniaki, Łapy-Szołajdy, Nowa Łupianka, Płonka Kościeln, Płonka-Kozły, Płonka-Matyski, Płonka-Strumianka, Roszki-Włodki, Roszki-Wodźki, Stara Gąsówka, Stara Łupianka, Uhowo and Wólka Waniewska. Lapy is a major railway junction for the Warsaw-Vilna line. In 1939, one hundred Jewish families and 3,000 gentile families lived there in 1939. The main industry was government railroad repair shops. Memoir.  [June 2009]

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