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Coat of arms of Gmina Łabowa

49°32' N 20°52' E, 187.7 miles S of Warszawa. Gmina Łabowa is a rural administrative district in Nowy Sącz County, Lesser Poland Voivodeship in southern Poland. Its seat is the village of Łabowa, 16 km (10 mi) SEt of Nowy Sącz and 89 km (55 mi) SE of the regional capital Kraków. The gmina 2006 population is 5,172. Gmina Łabowa contains the villages and settlements of Barnowiec, Czaczów, Kamianna, Kotów, Krzyżówka, Łabowa, Łabowiec, Łosie, Maciejowa, Nowa Wieś, Roztoka Wielka, Składziste and Uhryń. Photos. [May 2009]

US Commission No.POCE000745

Alternate name: Labowa Wyzna. Labowa is located in Nowy Sacz at 49º3220º51, 17 km from Nowy Sacz and 122 km from Krakow. Cemetery location: SE of the village center. Present town population is 1,000-5,000 with no Jews.

  • Town: Urzad Gminy, 33-336 Labowa, tel. 12-27.
  • Regional: Wojewodzki Konserwator Zabytkow, mgr. inz. Zygmunt Lewczuk, ul. Kilinskiego 68, 33-300 Nowy Sacz, tel. 238-38, 234.
  • Caretaker with key: Franciszek Zaczyk, Labowa 130, 33-336 Labowa.

1921 Jewish population was 221. Orthodox Jews used this cemetery. The rural (agricultural) isolated hillside has a sign or plaque in local language and Hebrew. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is entirely closed with fence and a locking gate (see Caretaker). Present size of the cemetery is 0.8 hectares. 100-500 gravestones, all in original locations with less than 25% toppled or broken, date from 19th-20th century. The marble and sandstone finely smoothed and inscribed stones or flat stones with carved relief decorations have Hebrew inscriptions. No known mass graves. Present owner of the property used for a Jewish cemetery is unknown. Properties adjacent are commercial/industrial and agricultural. The cemetery boundaries enclose the same area as before 1939. Private visitors rarely visit. The cemetery was vandalized prior to WWII, but not in last ten years. Restoration in 1982 did re-erection of stones, cleared vegetation, and fixed wall. There is a regular caretaker. There are no structures. Erosion and vegetation are moderate threats.

Piotr Antoniak, ul. Dobra 5 m 36, 05-800 Pruszkow visited site 17 Aug 1992 and completed survey 10 Sept 1992. No interviews.

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