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50°19' N 19°25' E, 150.0 miles SSW of Warszawa. Sławków also may have used this cemetery as well as those in Bolesław, Olkusz, Sławkowie, and Wolbrom. Krzykawce cemetery is well preserved, well maintained, and orderly thanks  to the elderly man, who lives next to the cemetery and maintains it. Probably established in 1924, records from 1907 show the land belonging to K. Gaszyński. The Jewish community members, Będzin, Kisner, and Mark Alter,  founded the cemetery. The oldest tombstone datesfrom 1904; gravestones use the Jewish calendar. The inscription on the entrance gate indicates that Daniel Landsman restored the cemetery in 1966. Maintenance of the Jewish cemetery is now by the municipality that will maintain the grounds and protect it, fence the perimeter, clear vegetation, and overhaul the access road and parking lot. Cleaning  the cemetery will be ongoing. In 2003, the Israeli Ambassador to Poland, Shevach Weiss, visited the cemetery before the planned work and had some problems getting in by a sludge dump, sand, around the meadows, fields and houses to a little red house and a tree right beside the high wall to see a dozen matzevot with different sizes- high and slender, broad and low of sandstone, slabs of stone, or concrete. Most matzevot are rectangular or semi-circlevertically set slabs covered with inscriptions in Hebrew. Several matzevot display images symbolizing something about the deceased like Cohan blessing hands; jug and bowl for Levites; animals suggesting a name like a lion for Judah, a fish for Fiszł, a bird for Tsipora, a bear for Ber; a book for knowledge of Torah; two pigeons for a happy marriage; a candlestick with an odd number of branches for a woman, and a rose for Shoshana. Shevach Weiss said, "Looking at the gravestone, traces of lives of Jews in Poland are unacceptably blurring ." Krzykawce cemetery administrative decisions are made by the municipality at Bolesław woj. Małopolskie, ul. Podgórski 72. Town website's Jewish history. photos. [May 2009]

US Commission No. POCE000545. In Katowickie. The US Commission is not finished rechecking this file. [2000]

UPDATE: Cemetery photos [January 2006]

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