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Coat of arms of Kowalewo Pomorskie

53°09' N 18°54' E, 107.6 miles NW of Warszawa. Map. Kowalewo Pomorskie is a town in central Poland in the Kujawko-Pomorskie województwo and seat of the Pomeranian Miejsko-Wiejskiej gmina with a 2004 population of 4,130. The gmina also contains Gmina Kowalewo Pomorskie contains the villages and settlements of Bielsk, Borek, Borówno, Chełmonie, Chełmoniec, Dylewo, Elzanowo, Frydrychowo, Gapa, Józefat, Kiełpiny, Lipienica, Mariany, Martyniec, Mlewiec, Mlewo, Napole, Nowy Dwór, Otruda, Piątkowo, Pluskowęsy, Pruska Łąka, Sierakowo, Srebrniki, Srebrniki-Lądy, Szewa, Szychowo, Wielka Łąka, Wielkie Rychnowo and Zapluskowęsy. From 1975-1998 the city belonged to the Torun województwo. Kowalewo, arranged in a rectangular shape, means place of the smith. Jews first arrived in the town in 1820 with cemetery established about ten years later. In 1882 a synagogue was built. During WWII, the cemetery was destroyed; no gravestones remain. The 0.09 ha area is partially built over. [June 2009]

US Commission No. AS 139

Alternate German name: Schonsee. The town is in Torunskie province at 53°09 18°54, 25 km from Torun. Cemetery: at ul. Stycznia 23. Present population is 1,000-5,000 with fewer than 10 Jews.

  • Town: Mgr. Andrej Grabowski, Burmistr., pl. Wolnosci 1, tel. 5. The secretary is Nela Mielcwisko. Mgr. Pawel Potom, Konserwator Regionalny.
  • Regional: Mgr. Minstawa Romumtryn, Konserwator Wojewodzka (Provincial), 87-100 Torun, ul. Tazienna 8, tel. 26692.
    Interested: Urzad Miejski-wyskiai Geosterji; Stoninaw Zutawski, at ul. Chopina 23, tel. 841126; and Benedyht Arczynski at ul. Szpitalny 2, tel. 84-10-87.
Earliest known Jewish community was the 1820's. 1931 Jewish population was 7. Noteworthy events include 1837 building of a house of prayer; 1858 community statue grant; and1882 building synagogue at Szpitalny St. Living here was David the Jew, around 1812, the inn keeper and owner of a lot. The Jewish cemetery was established around 1830. The isolated urban hillside has no sign or marker. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all with no wall, fence or gate. The size of the cemetery is.0958 ha. No gravestones are visible. There are no known mass graves. The municipality and a private individual own property used for crops. Adjacent property is agricultural and residential. During World War II, the cemetery was vandalized. There are no structures.
Mgr. Manena Stocke, 87-100 Turun, ul. Lyskowskiego 37E m. 185 completed survey October 25, 1991. Documentation: Dolarmuitacje PP PK2, Torun. She visited on December 23, 1991 and interviewed the Municipality staff in Kowalewo.
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