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See Lublin (I) (III) for cemeteries used by Kalinowszczyzna. Region of Poland: Kaliskie. Location: 51°45 18°05.

"Kalinowszczyzna is one of three satelite towns, or villages, around the city of Lublin, the other two being Wieniawa and Piaski. All three are now just districts of the city and are indistinguishable from the city unless one looks very closely, but as late as the end of the 19th century it was still possible to see them as separate entities on a map and presumably on the ground. Kalinowszczyzna is located quite close to the oldest part of Lublin and was the first really to become part of the city. The main contributory factor to this was the growth of the main Jewish district of Lublin, which reached out quite early. The old Jewish cemetery is located on a small hill and can be considered the demarcation between old Lublin and Kalinowszczyzna.  Kalinowszczyzna is located on the first slopes of a low upland on the northern and western sides of the flat Bystrzyca river plain, just north of the junction of the Bystrzyca and Czechowka rivers. The land is cut through with many wide and flat bottomed gulleys, and through an east-west one lies the old road east from Lublin. As directly to the east and southeast of the centre of the old town of Lublin was a boggy valley, the Kalinowszczyzna route was an important one and lay on the road between such places as Krakow and Lithuania and even Moscow. Kalinowszczyzna experienced quite a bit of growth throughout the 19th century and into the 20th century. There was a market held here, called the straw market, and business could be transacted away from the direct control of the cityauthorities. However a new character was imposed on the village from the 1960's onwards when the northern side became one of the new housing districts of Lublin, and a new road was cut across the northern part of the Bystrzyca river flood plain just to the south of the village. Before that, during the second world war the natural connection between the village and the city was severed when the Germans destroyed the greater part of the Jewish district. The result of these two actions and the gradual loss of the traditional merchantile function has left Kalinowszczyzna a sleepy, remote and disjointed island not far from the heart of the city." Source with maps and more information. [May 2009]

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