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53°19' N 20°40', 75.0 miles N of Warszaw. photos. [May 2009]

US Commission No. POCE000461

Janowo is located in region Olszynskie, 53º19N 20º40E, 72km from Olsztyn. The cemetery is located at ul. Dsietova. The present population is 1000-5000 with no Jews.

  • Town: Urzad Gminy, ul. Przemynova 14, 13-113 Janowo, tel. 16.
  • Regional: Urzad Wojewodski w Olsztynie, Wychiat Gospodarzie Terenowej, ul. Pilsudslwego H9, tel. 232-276, 10-959 Olsztyn and Panstwowa Stuiba Ochrony, Zabytkow Oddzewt w Olsztynie, ul. Podvale 1, te. 21-21-36, 10-076 Olsztyn. Interested: mgr. Wiktor Krener, Panstwowa Struiba Ochrony Zabytkow w Olsztynie and mgr. inz Elzbieta Szyguta.

The earliest known Jewish community dates from 17th-18th century. 1862 Jewish population was 629. The cemetery was established in the 18th c. with the last known Orthodox or Progressive-Reform Jewish burial in late 1930's. Landmarked: Register of Monuments of the voivodship of Olsztyn. The isolated rural flat land, reached by turning directly off a public road, has no wall or gate. Access is open to all. It was and is about 0.25 hectares. 1 to 20 granite or sandstone rough stones or boulders, in original locations with less than 25% broken or toppled, date from 19th-20th c. No known mass graves or structures. Used as a Jewish cemetery only, the property is owned by the municipality. Properties adjacent are agricultural. Tarely, local residents or private visitors stop. Occasionally, authorities clear or. Security is a moderate problem; vandalism and weather erosion a slight threat.

Wiktor Krener, 10-685, ul Barna 33m16, tel. visited site and completed survey in September 1991. City and parish documents from the Olsztyn district, 1976, were used. Other existent documents were inaccessible.

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