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Coat of arms of Iława Alternate names: Iława [Pol], Deutsch Eylau [Ger]. 53°36' N, 19°34' E, 63 miles SE of Gdańsk (Danzig). The town in NE Poland with 33,912 inhabitants in 2006 is situated in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship (since 1999) and previously was in Olsztyn Voivodeship (1975-1998) andis the capital of Iława County. Jewish population: 60 (in 1895), 110 (in 1925) Jews settled in Ilawa in 1722, but only in 1812 could these Prussian Jews build a separate cemetery. They went to a small hill outside the city (street Biskupska), probably soon after 1812, since the number of Jews at that time was relatively high (1816 - 74). The 0.22 hectare cemetery was devastated, like the synagogue, during "Kristallnacht". Broken gravestones are the area and on the side of the street Mickiewicz. The bones were buried with the earth returned to a small area located behind the stadium. Until recently this was a training course and now for stock cars and concerts.  The hill on the left hand side at the edge of the slope had an old house, which collapsed when the bulldozers took the entire hill with ground bone and  the old cemetery at the German stadium. In 1975-78, the slope of the cemetery became a grandstandt.Bulldozed land exposed human bones. From 1975-1976 year, the hill was used to expand the mill and construct a parking lot.

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REFERENCE: S. Szczepański, Mieszkańcy Iławy na przestrzeni dziejów , [w:] Iława 1305-2005 , Iława 2005. S. Szczepanski, Iławy Residents throughout history, [in:] Ilawa 1305-2005, Ilawa 2005.

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