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Coat of arms of HajnówkaГайнаўка

also used cemetery at Bielsk Podlaski; see Narewka

Alternate names: Hajnówka [Pol], Hajnaŭka [Bel], Hainuvka, Chajnuwka. Russian: Хайнувка. Belarusian: Гайнаўка. 52°44' N, 23°35' E, 33 miles SSE of Białystok, 16 miles E of Bielsk Podlaski. 1921 Jewish population: 41. A town and powiat seat in NE Poland (Podlaskie Voivodeship) with 23,804 inhabitants in 2004. People of Belarusian descent are 26% of the population. The city also is a center of the Orthodox faith. Białowieża Forest, the biggest primaeval forest in Europe, is the signature of the city as the river Leśna Prawa flows through it. [May 2009]

CEMETERY: In June 2005, cleanup of the 19th century Jewish cemetery in Hajnówka began. The cemetery in the woods has well preserved matzevot. Their condition enables an inventory conducted by work release convicts supervised by the Rabbinical Commission, supported by the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland.  Mr. Artur Cyruk - an employee of the Hajnówka police initiated the project. [May 2009]


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