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Alternate name: Gollnow [Ger]. When the first Jews settled in Goleniów is unknown, but in 1782 62 Jews lived there and 165 in 1840. Around 1900, many of them have emigrated for economic reasons. In 1933, only 77 Jews remained. Nazi repression further decreased this number. Those who remain until the outbreak of World War II in February 1940 were deported to ghettos in Lublin. Most did not survive. [May 2009]

CEMETERY: The ground now occupied by Park XXX-lecia is the site of the cemetery destroyed by the Nazis. No graestone survived. No sign outside the rectangular square on which are planted lime trees and beautiful, old spruce remains of the cemetery. Several hundred meters south of the Jewish cemetery, a monument erected in honor of the victims of WWII in English, Hebrew, German, Czech and Russian says:" the memories of all who rest forever in the land goleniowski". photos. [May 2009]



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