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Coat of arms of DrezdenkoAlternate names: Drezdenko, Drebenko, Driesen. 52°50' N 15°49' E, 221.3 miles WNW of Warszawa, 40 km. from Gorzow Wlkp in Lubusz Voivodeship in Strzelce-Drezdenko County with 10,421 inhabitants in 2004. [April 2009]

CEMETERY: Established in half of 19th century, the cemetery is located on Ogrodowa St. near the kindergarten. The area is fenced has no matzevot, not even fragments. [July 2009]

The location of the Jewish cemetery is an enclosed area that seems to be part of a kindergarten at the corner of the streets Ogrodowa and Kopernika, just across the Christian cemetery. A memorial plaque is visible from the Ogrodowa street, just south of the river Notec. The plaque reads approximately: "In this place can be found the Jewish cemetery that was established by the Jewish community from 1867 to 1933. The mayor of the town / commune of Drezdenko, June 27 2008".  I saw no tomb at all from the street so I did not try to penetrate the area.
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US Commission No.POCE000353

The cemetery is located in the W part of the town on the river Nolce. 19991 population: 5000-25000 people with no Jews.

  • Town: Urzod Miastra i. Gminy w. brerdenten; mgr. Wadystow Chrostowski Wojewodski
    Konservatoar Zabytkow, 65-413 Gorzow Wielkopolski Tel# 75-295.
  • Regional: Fanstrowa stuzba Octirony, Zabythow, Oddriar w Sorzowie wuip, Mgr Jwona, Barzewiecha.

Jewish population in 1921 was 85. The cemetery was established in the beginning of the 18th century. A Progressive /Reform Jewish community used this cemetery. It is located in an urban area, by the water and separate but near other cemeteries. There is no sign or marker. The cemetery can be reached by turning off a public road. It is open to all and is surrounded by a broken masonry wall with no gate. It was and still is 0.42 hectares in size. There are no stones visible. Municipality owns site. It is now used for recreational use. Properties adjacent are residential. The cemetery is visited frequently by local residents. It was vandalized during WWII. In 1980 some restoration was carried out, but it is not cared for now.

Henryk Grecki completed this survey at 70-534 Szcrecin ul. sottysia 3/13 Tel#377-41 on August 14, 1991. The site was not visited and no interviews were conducted.




Photos courtesy Jean- Pierre Stroweis.

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