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Coat of arms of DęblinAlternate names: Dęblin [Pol], Demblin [Rus], Dęblin-Irena, Demblin-Modzjitz, Modzhitz, Modrzyc, Modzhits, Modzits, Modzjitz, Ivangorod, Russian: Демблин. דעמבלין-מאָדזשיץ-Yiddish. דמבלין-אירנה-Hebrew. 51°34' N, 21°50' E, 10 miles NW of Puławy and at the confluence of Vistula and Wieprz rivers in Lublin Voivodeship. Dęblin is the part of the agglomeration with adjacent towns of Ryki and Puławy that together had over 100 000 inhabitants in 2003. "Modrzyc" is a neighborhood in Dęblin. 1900 Jewish population: 2,271. Yizkors: Sefer Deblin-Modrzyc (Tel Aviv, 1969); Demblin-Modzjitz book (Tel Aviv, 1994); Pinkas ha-kehilot; entsiklopediya shel ha-yishuvim le-min hivasdam ve-ad le-aher shoat milhemet ha-olam ha-sheniya: Poland vol. 7: Kielce and Lublin (Jerusalem, 1999). Holocaust information. [April 2009]

used the cemetery at Bobrowniki

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