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Alternate names: Adamów [Pol], Yadimov [Yid], Adamuv [Rus], Adamov, Russian: Адамув. אדאמוב-Hebrew. 51°44' N, 22°16' E, 30 miles S of Siedlce, 14 miles SSW of Łuków, 10 miles NW of Kock (Kotzk). 1827 Jewish population: 108 (18,4%). 1900 Jewish population: 494. 1921 Jewish population: 664 (34.3%) . Originally under the jurisdiction of the Kock kahal, the independent community dates from the 19th century.

CEMETERY: Glinne Road. The cemetery dating from 1925 is wire fenced. No gravestones remain. [March 2009]

US Commission No. 000567

MASS GRAVE: No memorial was erected although forty Jews were murdered in the cemetery in November 1940. In October 1942, the Jews were deported to the Lukow ghetto and then to Treblinka Concentration Camp. [March 2009]



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