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Coat of arms of Białobrzegi CountyAlternate names: Białobrzegi [Pol], Bialabzheg [Yid], Bialobzhegi [Rus], Bialobrzeg, Byalovzig, Russian: Бялобжеги. ביאלובז'אגי-Hebrew. 51°39' N, 20°57' E, 42 miles S of Warsaw, 18 miles NNW of Radom. Białobrzegi (powiat białobrzeski) in Masovian Voivodeship, east-central Poland since January 1, 1999, the only other town in the county is Wyśmierzyce, 6 mi W of Białobrzegi. Powiat 2006 population is 33,545, with 7,320 in Białobrzegi and 889 in Wyśmierzyce is 889. 1900 Jewish population: 1,534. Yizkor: Sefer zikaron le-kehilat Bialobrzeg (Tel Aviv, 1991). ShtetLink. A Jewish presence in the 18th century was subordinate to neighboring  Przytyk Jewish community. In 1862, Bialobrzegi became an independent community. A ghetto existed in Radom from 1941 until October 1942 when all were taken to Treblinka.

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CEMETERY: New Cemetery: Located on 11th Listopada ulica, the 0.69 ha cemetery was plowed up to create an apartment complex and the road through it. The street is called 22nd Lipca ulica (22nd of July Street), now called M-ego Listopadil.

CEMETERY: Old Cemetery: On Rzemieslnicza street and established in 1857, no matzevot remain. Its acreage is 0.25 ha.

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