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Coat of arms of Baranów Sandomierski Alternate names: Baranów Sandomierski [Pol], Baranów, Baranov [Yid], Barniv, Bornov, ??????- Yiddish. 50°29' N, 21°32' E, Between Tarnobrzeg (10 miles NE) and Mielec (15 miles SSW). 1890 Jewish population: 1,491. Sefer yizkor Baranow, (Jerusalem, 1964). Before WWII, about 1500 Jews lived here. In 1948, when one tried to get back to his home, he was murdered by the people of the town. town website. [March 2009]

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CEMETERY: US Commission No. POCE000249: The US Commission is not finished rechecking this file [2000].

No matzevot are visible because the 6.6 acre cemetery was vamdalized, but a Holocaust monument is located on the mass grave of Jews from Baranow ghetto murdered by Nazis. The cemetery area is 2,69 ha. The cemetery is located at the road to the village Skop. map. The cemetery was first mentioned in 1718 in Catholic parish records  and probably existed  long before. Some estimate its date as 1500. During World War II, the Nazis destroyed the cemetery and used the gravestones to construct roads. In the central of the cemetery is set Holocaust memorial, which states that the monument was erected in 1945.  Within the cemetery are a number of depressions that probably are outlines of graves. A Civic Center project called "Traces of the Past" gave care of the cemetery care to students in Public Gimnazjum Skopaniu. On 8 May 2007, project participants Izabela K?dziora, Agnieszka Klich, Aleksandra Klich, Edyta Lasek, Kamila Mularz, Dominica Siwiec, and Laura and Natalia Skolarczyk Starzec, together with the supervisor, Anna P. Ku?nierz, started cleaning the cemetery. A huge amount of garbageat the cemetery exceeded their expectation and included a rusty bed, an old TV, For more than three hours, seventeen students and two helpers worked, but quit because of torrential rain. They returned on 17 May 2007 to complete the work started with a solemn ceremony that included the mayor that promised to always maintain the site. photos. [March 2009]

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