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[UPDATE] City of Philadelphia:  Strawberry Mansion Synagogues [December 2016]

Montefiore Cemetery:
47,790 burials. The correct address for Montefiore Cemetery is 600 Church Rd., Jenkintown, PA 19046-1272; Phone (215) 663-1250; Fax: (215) 663-1272. The cemetery did not move! The post office did. Hours: 8:30-4:30 weekdays Opened 1910; Size: 70 acres; Computerized records: and cemetery map available at cemetery.
Source: Chronicles , the Philadelphia Jewish Genealogical Society Newsletter:

A-M: ["active" means active as of 1999]

Abraham I. Saltzman Family Circle

Fisher Memorial Park-active

Abraham Sacks Lodge


Achdach B'nai Israel Cong.


Agudas Achim-Goldstein-active

Germantown Congregation

Agudas Achim Congregation

Geulas Israel-active

Ahavas Achim-Goldstein-active

Goldenberg, Louis

Ahavas Achim Belzer Bene. Assn-Active


Ahavas Israel Congregation-Active


Ahavas Israel-Goldstein-Active

Greenberg Family Circle-Active

Aitz Chaim Uzichron Jacob Cong

Grodno Lodge-Disbanded?

Also American Fraternity


Also Schechter

Haber Lodge Zangwill-Active

American Brotherhood of Israel-Active

Haber Morris-Active

American Fraternity


American Goldstein-Active

Haller, Dr. Jacob-Active

Anshe Kelm=defunct

Hrzl, Dr. Theodore-Active

Anshe Lito Congregation

Home Beneficial Assn

Anshe Sode Loven-Active


Anshei Shavel Congregation

Hyman Lodge-Active


Incomparable Brothers-Active

Austria Galicia

Independent American Lodge

Bakers' Self-Protection

Indep. American-Goldstein-Active


Ioltiskover Verein-Active

Beth David-Active

Isador Family Circle-Active

Beth Joseph

Jewish National

Beth Zion-Active


Bnai Abraham-Active


Bnai Abraham Congregation-Active


Bnai Israel-Active

Kanner, Morris

Bnai Jacob

Kehileth Israel

Bnai Menashe

Kensington Comm. Center-Active


Kesher Israel-Active

Bogoplier Beneficial

King Solomon



Boslover Beneficial-Active

Klaits Family Circle-Active



Brith Sholom Congregation-Active

Korsoner Verein-Active

Brolover Progressive-Active


Bukier Beneficial-Active

Kurlander Verein

Chaim Weitzman-Active

Lerner, William

Changed name to Emerald Lodge-Active



Liberty Southwark-Active

Charles B. Hall

Liberty Southwark-Golstein-Active

Chevra Linas Hazedek

Love Brothers

Chevra Mishneas-Active

Love of Israel-Active

Chevra Thillim-Active


Clean up-Active

Machzika Arav

Columbia Beneficial

Marcus Jastrow Lodge-Active




Mausoleum (Cemetery-owned)-Active

Dorshe Sholom

Memorial Park-Active

Elisavetgrad Bene Assn-Active

Merchants' Protective

Emerald Lodge-Active

Mishkan Israel

Ezras Achim Brisker



MO-Z ["active" means active as of 1999]:


Moishe p;

Silverman Family Circle-Active



N C K - Goldstein-Active

Sons of Israel Congregation-Active

Nemerov Podolier-Active


New Liberty


Neziner Tripolier

Strawberry Mansion

No Organization


Northern Chevra Kadisha-Active

Terrace Crypt-Active

Ochremover Zangwill-Active


Ohavas Chesed Germantown

Tifereth Israel

Ohev Zedek-Active

Tikvoh Chodesh-Active




Umanier Verein-Active

Pennsylvania Private

United Israel


United Jewish Organizations-Active


United Palestine

Philadelphia Beneficial

United Prog. Beneficial

Poale Zedek





Weiss Family Circle-Active

Raphael, Abraham

Widreqitz, Solomon

Rawitz, Bertha

William Penn


William Penn-Goldstein-Active


Wise Willig-Active

Reisman, Rosalie-Active

Wise Wilip-Goldstein-Active


Wise, Stephen S.


Workman's Circle-Active

Rosenfeld Family-Active

Zangwill Pride Beneficial-Active

Schechter, Professor

Zickney Israel-Active


Zlotapolier Beneficial Assn-Active

Shpolier Beneficial


Sick Visitors


  • Mount Carmel Cemetery: aka Har Carmel
  • [UPDATE] Hundreds of Headstones Damaged [February 2017]
  • [UPDATE] Vandalized Jewish Cemetery Restored [October 2017]
  • JOWBR burial listings [July 2011]
    Indexed name list includes 1892-1995 for A-D. E to 1986, F-on from 1950 on only. aka Har Carmel, Germantown . Source: Lois Sernoff; e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and Joan Gross, JGSP.
    Located at 5700 Frankford Avenue & Cheltenham Avenue, Philadelphia County, PA 19135; Contact: Beth at 215-289-0939. Cemetery "office" is inside Scott's Florist Shop, 5772 Frankford Avenue); From shop, walk two blocks north to reach the cemetery; or Frankford Avenue past last Elevated Station, continue to Cheltenham Ave. The Scott family owns Mt Carmel Cemetery and Scott's Florist Shop. The shop is directly across the street from the cemetery. The cemetery office is inside the shop. Scott's daughter, Beth, and her husband manage the cemetery. Beth's hours at the florist shop are 9:30-5:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday. Key to cemetery gates is at the flower shop. Hours of cemetery: 9-5. Mt. Carmel was listed at Frankford and Dark Run Lane (name changed to Cheltenham)(1c)
    UPDATE: Mt. Carmel Cemetery: located at Frankford and East Cheltenham Avenues. The cemetery is owned/managed by a florist/monument company located across the street. They also own or manage three other cemeteries adjacent to or abutting Mt. Carmel. The staff at the florist shop has the burial ledger that dates back to 1832. The book is highly deteriorated and kept in a drawer. The cemetery has no row, grave, or section markers or coordinates. The record book shows a Lodge section or a row and grave number. The notations are not consistent. The managers have no maps of the grounds, since ownership of the cemetery passed through numerous owners. Source: Judith Lipmanson on JewishGen Digest. [September 2005)
    Directions: 1) From Greater Northeast: Take Roosevelt Blvd. South (US Route 1) to Oxford Circle. Go 3/4 of the way around the circle and bear right onto Cheltenham Avenue. Continue on Cheltenham Ave to Frankford Ave. Cemetery entrance is on Frankford Avenue. 2) From Points West: Schuylkill Expressway to Roosevelt Blvd (US Route 1 North). Continue on Roosevelt Blvd to Oxford Circle. Go 1/4 of the way around the circle and bear right onto Cheltenham Avenue. Follow directions as above. From Shop, walk two blocks north to reach the cemetery; or Frankford Avenue past last Elevated Station, continue to Cheltenham Ave. This cemetery that opened in 1896 was primarily for Russians. Jewish Burial Organizations with ground at Mt Carmel listed in the 1900/1901 AJYB, were as follows:
    Chebra Thillim founded July, 1887
    Congregation Emunath Israel Ohew Solem founded 1881 
    Hordisher-Wilshoner Lodge Section K (for towns: Gorodishche, Kiev Gub, Cherkassy District (49º17' /31º27'); Olshana, Kiev Gub, (49º13'/31º13')
    Records: HSP 1891-1984 [XR890) and Records: HSP [Ph20A.6] Jewish Mt Carmel/Krakauer Beth Elohim, HSP [Ph20A.2-p. 22]
    Submitter: Aaron Roetenberg; e-mail:
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  • Photo courtesy Merle Kastner

Austrian BA

Liberty Lodge 566

Avath Chesed Lodge

Ohev Zedeck Chevra

Benj. Franklin Lodge

Ohev Scholem

Broneberg Lodge

Old Penn Lodge

Chevra Tillem

Penna Lodge

Dr Morias Lodge BA

Phila Lodge

Dr. Hertzel Lodge

Phila Roumania Amer Lodge

Frimel Lodge

Rom Oir Chodesh

Grand Lodge

Romanian Lodge 249

Horadisher Wilshauer BA


Hung Cong

Schneider Lodge

Hung Free Burial Lodge


Hungarian Lodge

Shaller Lodge

Hyman Lodge

Shoemaker BA

Independent Love Bros Lodge

Spaller Lodge

Ingber Lodge

Sprollar Podge


Taiolers BA

Jewish Free Burial

Tulos BA

Jezer Zane BA

United Progressive Lodge

Keystone Lodge


Krakauer Lodge BA

Zanquell Lodge

Krakauer Benef. Soc



  • Mount Jacob Cemetery:
    141 Bartram Avenue, Glenolden, PA 19036; County: Delaware (Darby Township). 215-726-8633. Hours: 9:30-4:30 p.m. Opened in 1942, Mount Jacob is located across the street from Mt. Lebanon on Bartram Avenue.
    Directions: 1) South on City Ave. (US Route 1 South) to Springfield Rd. (4th light past Loehman's Plaza), turn left on Springfield Rd. and continue to Oak Ave. (5th light after Mt. Sharon Cemetery), turn right on Oak Ave. and continue to cemetery. (Right side of street) 2) From Schuylkill Expressway and Greater Northeast, follow same directions as Har Zion Cemetery, but continue on Oak Ave., past MacDade Blvd. Cemetery entrance on left side.
    Submitter: Aaron Roetenberg; e-mail:


Otic Mohlever/Mohliver

Int. Workers Org

Mogilev Podolsic Fellowship

Young Mens Fraternity

Zitomer Beneficial Assn

Friendly Brothers

Judaic Union

Krivozer Beneficial Assn.


  • Mount Lebanon Cemetery:
    1200 Bartram Avenue, Collingdale, PA 19023; Delaware County, Darby Township. 610-729-7400; Hours: 9-3 p.m. Opened 1910.
    Directions: (entrance and office on Bartram Avenue): 1) From City Ave. Follow same directions as Mt. Jacob Cemetery. Entrance on left side. 2) From Schuylkill Expressway and greater Northeast: Follow same directions as Har Zion Cemetery, but continue on Oak Ave., past MacDade Blvd. Cemetery entrance on right side. 3 maps are on the wall at the site office. One is of the Brith Achim section, located at the corner of Bartram & Lafayette. The others are of the rest of the burial grounds at Mt Lebanon. Since October 1995, Mt Lebanon has two area codes, "215" and "610."
  • Mt. Sharon Cemetery:
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 441, Springfield, PA 19064, Delaware County. 610-543-8900. Hours 8:30-4 p.m. closed 12-1; Cross Streets: East Springfield Road and West. Opened 1922. Computerized.
    Directions: 1) South on City Ave. (US Route 1 South) Springfield Rd. (4th light past Loehman's Plaza). Turn left on Springfield Rd. to cemetery 2) From Center City. South on Baltimore Ave through Clifton Heights to Springfield Rd. Turn right on Springfield Rd and continue to ...?
    Source: Chronicles , the Philadelphia Jewish Genealogical Society Newsletter: A=Active as of 1999


Adath Israel Protective Lodge

Adath Shalom Synagogue-A: formerly Beth Samuel Congregation

Agudath Israel of Philadelphia-A

Ahavas Achem Congregation Talmud Torah-A

American Brotherhood of Israel-A

American Hebrew-A; formerly Roumanian Hebrew

Anche Libavich; Lubavitch Synagogue

Anche (Anshei) Zitomer

Anshe Sholom Congregation-A

Baranovker-Woliner Beneficial Association-A

Benjamin Franklin Beneficial Association

Beth Am Israel Congregation-A

Beth Hamesdrosh Hogodon Congregation-A; formerly Beth Jacob West Philadelphia

Bikur Cholim of Strawberry Mansion-A

Bnai Aaron Congregation; a/k/a Suburban Jewish Community

Bnai Chaim Social-A

Bnai Israel of Poland-A

Bnai Jacob of Strawberry Mansion

Brith Sholom Lodge #20-A

Cardozo Lodge #400-A

Chevra Shoimra Shabus-A

Chevra Yagdel Torah

Chodorkover Beneficial Association-A

Dinivitz Podolier Beneficial Association

Dorshe Tove Congregation-A

Emerald Lodge #16-A

Emile Zola Lodge #391-A

Farband Labor Zionist Branch 25-A

Fishman Lodge #212 P.O.O.W.

Heisiner Shivte Jeshuren; formerly Shivte Jeshuren

Friends of Zamosch

S. Frug Branch #107

Gates of Justice Congregation

Hertzel Lodge #183 -A; now known as Bobroisk #326

Independent Vinkovitzer

Independent young Mens' Beneficial-A; formerly Bershader

Jewish Free Burial Association-A

Jewish National Workers Alln Br 1-A

Kalisher Stavisther Beneficial-A; now United Jewish Organization

K. Marks Beneficial Assn-A

Kaniver Rez Beneficial Association

Karem Israel Congregation

Kesher Israel Congregation-A

Krivoser Beneficial Association-A; now United Jewish Organization

Lechivitzer Progressive-A

Letitchever Beneficial Association-A

Levinthal Minsker Lodge

Liberty United Southwark-A

Lomzar Mutual Beneficial Association-A

Macabee Group-A

Macabee Lodge #26-A; now Phila Victory lodge

Mastbaum Lodge

Mayer Sulzberger Circle PhC

New Century Lodge

Neziner Synagogue-A; now Beth Zion-Beth Israel

Ochremover Zangwell Pride

Odesser Independent Beneficial Assn

Odesser Ladies Independent Benf Assn-A

Odesser Progressive Branch 301-A

Ostropoler Social Club

Otik Mohliver Cong

Philadelphia Banner Lodge

Phila City Baron Hirsh Lodge; now United palestine I.O.B.A.

Phila Roumanian American Lodge

Phila Victory Lodge #42- A; formerly Phila Lodge 500 and Wise Willig Lodge

Polonner Progressive-A

Progressive Golden Chain of Israel-A

Progressive Sons of Jacob Assn-A

Rabbi Novoseller-A

Rabbi Twersky-A

Rehem Ahevem-A

Roosevelt Lodge-A

Roumanian Oir Chodash-A; now Society Hill Synagogue

Royal Lodge

Shaare Eli Congregation

Shaare Israel Congregation

Shaare Shomayim Congregation

Shivte Jeshuren Beneficial Assn; now Heisner S.J.

Sick Visitors Benef Assn

Smiller Beneficial Association-A; now United Jewish Organization

Society Hill Synagogue-A; formerly Roumanian Oir Chodash

Soltzman Assn (Hyman & Sam)

Soroker Teleneshter Sick Benef-A

Stashover Benef Assn-A

Steuben Burial Assn-A

Tchudnover Progressive Assn-A

Teamsters Union Protective Assn-A

Tikvas Israel Congregation

Tiraspolier Verem

Tulchiner Benef Assn-A

United Jewish Organization-A; formerly Smiller Benef

United Palestine I.O.B.A.; formerly Phila City Baron Hirsh

United Tarashcha Rakitner Benef

Washigton Lodge

Wilna Benef Assn

Winitzer Lodge 274

Winkovitzer Zinkover Verein-A

Wise Willig Lodge-A; now Phila Victory Lodge

Wishnivitzer Voliner Benef-A

Woliner Brance #3-A

Yagdel Torah

Yampoler Ben Assn-A

Zashkover Untershtizing-A

Zeirri & Zeirreas Israel-A

Zerah Israel Cong

Zitomer Cong Tefereth Israel

Zloczower Benef Assn-A; now Brith Sholom Lodge


  • Mount Sinai Cemetery:
    Contact: Frank Hahn, Sr. (retired attorney & board member), Packer Building, 14th Floor, 15th & Chestnut Street. (215) 665-3106 or 564-4650. Cemetery is located at 1851 Bridge Street, Philadelphia County, PA 19124. (215) 535-5274 (answering machine). Bob Allatt is caretaker of this former non-congregational cemetery adjoining Adath Jeshurun Congregation. History: Opened 1853, the site was owned by Mt Sinai Cemetery Association of Pennsylvania. Dunkerly  places Mt Sinai Cemetery on Bridge St above Jackson St in Frankford, adjoining Adath Jeshurun Congregation Cemetery but dates the cemetery from 1894. Morais (p. 204) explains that non-congregational means any Hebrew was allowed admittance whether the decedent belonged to a congregation or not. It was maintained by Mount Sinai Cemetery Association of Pennsylvania, Inc.(6/9/1854) ; Mt Sinai has been owned by shareholders since 1977, with 10 members on its board. The cemetery grounds extend over more than about 18 acres. Records: HSP [XR/941:1-7] [Ph20A.2]. Described in The Jews of Philadelphia , p 204, by Morais.

  •   Photos courtesy Merle Kastner
  • New Camden Cemetery:
    see cemeteries in New Jersey used by Philadelphians


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